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Thread: Question: How simulation work when playing against higher level manager

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    Question: How simulation work when playing against higher level manager

    If you are a lvl 4 manager and playing against lvl 6 or higher lvl manager then how simulation work on the match time please.

    For example, let say, lvl 6 manager have 5* players but lvl 4 manager can see those players as 7* players but its visual; on the other hand lvl 4 manager have 6* players but lvl 6 manager can see those players as 4* (visual).

    Now when they come to play one the field how those perform, I mean lvl 6 manager players play (or simulate or game system calculate) as real 5* or visual 7* against lvl 4 manager's real 6* players.


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    For me there are two factors
    1) is the stars, like we 're watching a 5* team vs a 7* team (40% more)
    2) is the quality of the players.
    For lv4, the 5* player has q39. For lv6 , the 5* player has q49 (about 25% more)
    As we 're leveling up in higher levels, the % of quality decreasing.
    Both counts for the simulation.
    Another factor it's the lv.
    From my experience, playing vs a higher lv/q team, I see that even if I have the ball possession and maybe the same number of shots, oppo has more efficiency, his GK is more effective and generally his defense eliminates more easy my F-K and C-K.
    Also my players are more vulnerable in cards.
    * That's the general idea, of course there are exceptions.
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    Except for association games, other games against different level opponent played out exactly like their q difference suggests.

    Lvl 5 -5*team vs level 4 star 5* team will be 6 star vs 5 star in the eyes of lower level player, and 5 star vs 4 star in the eyes of higher level player.

    But if association games, it will be 5 star vs 5 star.