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Thread: Lost NML-Final by Servercrach?

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    Lost NML-Final by Servercrach?

    Brother of my wife played a really good NML-Final. He lead 3:0. At 85', suddenly a crash and after logging in, the final was over, ended 0:0. No winner, no trophy, no cash, no matchreport, no condition lost. What the hell is going on with Nordeus? This season, it seems they lost the control completly...

    (he wanted, that I share the pics, he has no account at the forum)

    Lost NML-Final by Servercrach?-what.jpg

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    In associations in match I was watching I was losing 0-0 but the comments and ratings loked like I was winning.

    I re-logged in but same thing.

    I started playing attacking because player was llaying with 10 players due to red card, and i canceded a goal in counter, so I lost 1-0.

    After 5 minutes I went to report and saw that the final score was 1-1 and I indeed have score at some point at the game.

    I think servers are going crazy.
    Above situation is much worse than mine, but seems alike

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    The server should be programmed to programm a new final match for last day season if this happen...

    Match forfeited due server fail, then repeat. Thats all.