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    I have my important player always gets yellow card every single match . There is no single match without yellow card for him
    Do you guys have any idea why this happening?

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    if he is multiple position, maybe he prefers the other position
    hard tackling
    high natural aggression
    poor tactics
    poor formation
    low overall defensive quality

    all of these are possible answers, up to you to figure out which one(s)
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    must be some hidden factor (a bad roll dice), a different sign that the player is out of form, don't know
    Last season, my ST had 4 yellows and 1 red card.
    Second was a DC-DMC with 3 yellows and the rest defenders had only 1 yellow.
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    Last season I had an mc/amc with 8 yellow cards,all of them in 1 week,all the other players had 7 at the end of the season,almost every season i have a player with more yellow cards than all my team together

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    In my case, I always get a ridiculous amount of cards early in the season. Then, it usually cools down a bit. It may be really annoying in tough cup games: I got a red card + penalty at 17th minute the other day that completely ruined my good start (stat-wise). Ended-up 0-1 as we are not in the old days anymore when you could be sure that getting down to ten will mean a goal for you in the following minutes.
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    the tackling ability is very low... you need more tackling ability for have less fouls.

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    A thing to remember - Player booking can occur at any moment if the right conditions are met. And those conditions vary from the disposition of the individual player, the Squad's formation and tactics (Hard tackling and such), what the opponent has set up for you over at their side, the morale of the player(s), etc. Basically what HoofDaddy said.

    Is it random? There is an element of randomness. And that random chance can occur when, as I said, the right situation presents its self. It's part of the game, both Top 11 and real football.

    Let's not forget that this is a thing:

    Definitely depends on individual players as well I'd say. Back in July 2016 I formed a new squad of players who didn't get more than a couple of yellow cards for then next several seasons. Right now though, hah already three red bookings from the two new guys in the squad. (I'm thinking of sending them off to military school to learn some discipline lol)

    Anyway, it's part of the game as I said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeeves View Post
    Anyway, it's part of the game as I said.
    Also it's part of the trolling system for the game engine

    One or couple of your best players already got yellow then don't worry they will receive their second yellow just right before your important game or red
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    That's why I have a full team with 22 players, always rotating thus letting the best players for the hard games.

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    Sorry please delete!
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