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    friend of facebok

    Can you tell me why can't i see in topeleven a friend of mine? and how can i fixit?

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    Thread moved* let me ask

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    Are you playing on mobile or on the wen (Facebook &

    In order to see your friend who also plays Top 11, in-game, you two have to be friends on Facebook.
    This automatically makes you in-game friends and no matter on what server you two are, you will be able to see each other. If you two aren't Facebook friends this means that unless the two of you are on the same server and in the same League, Champions League, Cup or Super League competition, you won't be able to find each other.

    Now the thing is that if you are playing on mobile only, you will have to link your account with a Facebook profile first.

    But if you've started playing on the browser version your Top 11 account already is linked with a Facebook profile.