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    My facebook account is deleted.

    My manger level is 17. My facebook acc is deleted. Now game account is connected google account. I want to connect my new facebook account. How to connect.
    Sorry for my english skill.
    Please help.

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    Hey Hlamin,

    From what I understand:
    1. Your Top 11 account was linked with Facebook
    2. Your Top 11 account is linked with a Google+ account
    3. Your Facebook account/profile was deleted
    4. You want to link a new Facebook profile to your Top 11 account, correct?

    If so, please know that this isn't possible to do.
    Even if a Facebook profile is deleted, the Top 11 account doesn't free up for a new Facebook profile to be linked with it unfortunately.

    From here on you'll have to play on an Android mobile device via your Google+ account.

    Btw if you are having any issues with logging via your Google+ account I'd suggest that you relog the Google+ account on the device and also:
    1) Clear the Top 11 app's cache and data (Or even reinstall the app completely)
    2) Clear the Facebook app's cache and data