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Thread: Nordeus and managers

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    If you tank you lose age

    sometimes you need to tank for packs if you dont get every day 20 video;s (pc)

    if you spend real money and get about 25 video;s every day you have the most benefit

    then a tanker is in real disadvantage compare to real money and 25 video;s aday

    if you calculate it over every season

    So why those complains about Tanking

    If you spend real money.get 25 video.s aday and then also tanking thats a total different story

    but it happens ( Kapitalisme )

    and if it happens that you meet them (Kapitalisme) you are screwed

    There was one in the CL he had 4* 9stars players and 1* 8 star

    Nordeus can set the rating by maximum 7 stars that way we have less problems
    then its about strategie en developing players.

    And it give all the players more fun
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    That's a hell of a good thread: warming up the forum !
    I'll tank next season just to celebrate this !!
    And to give time to lunker88 to catch up on me and give him a warm welcome in my league
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    Quote Originally Posted by gizzmo View Post
    And for them, it's definitely more clever to stay at their level than getting promoted and die 2 years afterwards.
    The Peter Principle.

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    Khris like to tank.

    I really need it, explained many times, but for those who do not know ma story, I started playing continously, for 8 months or so, 55 seasons ago with this team (I started 73 seasons ago in the 1st version, season 17) and, really, to stay so much time playing a game, I need to have some breath, and have control under the game, and tanking give me this control.

    The game as is now is easy to play, give you freedoom to play in some different ways, and is more or less playable.

    Of course that th game can implement many systems to chang the dynamic... such as, promote the teams after be 3 months in the same level, or add tankers with tankers of low level... or for example add relegations and obligate you to sell the scouts in some way to obtain tokens directly, or change the squad when loosing a level, and all this, adding a limit leve in the servers (which is needed^^) l, in the L50 and too doing some efforts to make feel managers more protagonists with some world tournament and so, can make of this game something more much interesting for many managers.
    For me as said, and respecting all opinions, after be nights playing in battles years ago, after play online during years, I like the way this game allow me to have this control I need and go for titles hard some seasons and then rest as I want.
    For me right now is a light game, and I play it light.

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