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Thread: Buying recommended player ?

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    Buying a recommended player ?


    Do I need buying this recommended ST with Corner Kick special ability - Ivan Rojas 19 years for 45 Tokens. My strikers hasn't performed their best so far. Here is a comparison between the recommended player and the players I use as ST's.
    Buying recommended player ?-2017-02-19_113545.jpgBuying recommended player ?-2017-02-19_113623.jpg

    His overall quality is better than my ST's but his skills in attack are lower. Off course his stats so far is good.
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    I wouldn't buy this player.
    First, I find his non-key skills (aka grey skills) very high while key skills are lower or comparable to your existing player. Apart from Strength, I admit it might have some importance.
    Then, if you want to use him as ST it's not sure at all he'll score more than your player.

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    As he is recommended his skills will be balanced by default.

    The CK SA if it is true and is good at it it will benefit you.
    He will give you assists, so it will raise his rating even of ge does not score.

    About scoring it is a gamble, every ST is a gamble on scoring.

    The age is good, the price is good (only 45T? Usually I would expect to be 79T)

    As I see from your players you keep a low 6star team.
    With few greens you will have a 7star player that you will have for many seasons.

    I think he worths the tokens especially if you have around 90T at your pocket
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    He`s 45 Tokens because he is 107% A 119% player comes in at 79 Tokens

    I would buy him at that price .
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