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Thread: Training bug?

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    Training bug?

    Has anyone else had this happen?

    So after the reset (roughly 20:00 local time), I trained all my players to the appropriate level, a total of about 8 training sessions.

    Associations match was at 8am, chose not to wake up for it, instead woke up for my 10:30 league match. To my surprise it said I need to do 1 more training session for my players to be fully prepared.

    This has happened before, where after associations match it says I have to train again, that doesn't seem right.

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    I've had it happen about 3 times. Trained before association match but when it's time for league match, I have to train again. 2 training sessions needed. I figured it's a glitch so I stopped training before association matches.

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    It happens all the time to me.
    The trainings before your association match do not count towards the cup/CL/league match.
    Once you have finished the association match, AM always says 'X' training sessions are needed.
    But, you dont need any training sessions to be ready for association match, unless you have lost some bonus, which is true in case of game reset.

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    I think it was mentioned somewhere else that no matter how many matches you have in a day, the game will recommend 4 trainings per day. Those 4 will be distributed somehow among your matches. IIRC

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    Like the gentlemen above me said ,if you have only one match a day then you need 4 training in a raw,if you have two matches then the game will show you that you need 2 trainings for every match and 4 in total per day