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Thread: Timezone stuff and latest association problems.

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    Timezone stuff and latest association problems.

    I'd like to start by saying that this is not a bug report since Nordeus is aware of these issues most likely it is just a thread where i would like to find other peoples opinion on some stuff.

    So there are a lot of problems that are currently in this game hopefully im not the only one who has them and Nordeus will take notice (I say that but they are most likely aware of them but they just don't give a s#¡@ as long as the money keeps rolling in) and fix them at least 3 that are currently plaguing the game:

    1. Matching people from totally different time zones.

    Now i don't even know how this is an issue in the game any respectable online game developer should account for different time zones and for the fact the people sleep at night, lol (how is this even an issue), for example yesterday i had a game at 20:00 with a guy from mexico now this is a totally acceptable hour and in mexico it was 12:00, he proceeded to change the game time to 19:00 which meant for me 03:00 that's 3 freaking AM, people sleep at night Nordeus, this basically lost me the game i had no chance to defend myself even though it was 2-0 for me at half time, he just changed his tactics and the game ended in 2-4, so yeah fix this ****.

    2. People intentionally falling behind in a season to keep that 20% stats on they're players. Do i even have to tell you what the issue is here?

    3. The lying and manipulation of the latest association games.

    So i received a very interesting announcement today when i logged into the game, I was notified that there was a small problem with latest round of association games and that i was compensated with 10 tokens + the prize for the no1 place for that round (no **** seems Nordeus thinks bribes solve anything), but there is the lie and manipulation, they say the association games were bugged for the last round only but that is so much bull****, the associations have been bugged for at least a month now and we lost a ton of points because of it. Now how could i possibly now this for sure? Simple it has been a month since no one in my association has been able to score even 1 goal against our level 27 captain (we are all level 11 to 16) in friendly association games, now that is exactly what has been happening for the whole month in games the matches were scaled by player level and not team quality/stars, yet they claim that only the last round was affected.
    At least have the guts and tell the truth.
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    Post approved.

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    I totally agree with you on points 1 and 2.
    These are serious problems affecting quality of gameplay and something needs to be done about it soon.
    I dont want to start a new season having to face 120+% teams on Day 1, who didnt even come in top 8 last season.

    However, the association bug in official association matches was only present for last week of the season.
    The Association friendly issue has been present for some time (, but it did not affect the official matches.
    Our association won against higher level teams and we lost to higher star, but lower level teams too.
    It was only last Friday and Saturday the mess up happened.
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    1 - well this issue is questionable
    From one point of view, you have difficulties when playing vs managers from different continents.
    This problem was serious for me in some CH.L. or Cup finals.
    From another point, as the other on line games, playing vs a guy from Mexico live, it's amazing.
    hmm, I guess it would be good (and I made a suggestion about this), to be able to choose for our games a specific time zone, for example from 16.00 to 23.00.
    Of course it's not an easy job as there must be a new arrangement of the servers too.

    Do i even have to tell you what the issue is here?
    I don't see any issue here. It's the rules of the game, the way of playing for every manager.
    It's like in another strategy/management game when the years are passing and you have to update your infantry from Warriors to Pikemen to Musketeers to Riflemen or to modern warfare troopers.
    Or in another action/rpg game when you have a new stronger weapon or armor but later your next opponents have from 1000 XP, to 2000 XP.

    3 - yes, @gamer5289 is rigth. This bug was older but I don't believe it affected previous asso games.
    This week end, it was so obvious that the asso results was affected by something.
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