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Thread: Ok, enough is enough...

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    Ok, enough is enough...

    First, hi to the community.
    I have been a loyal manager for four years, enjoying, opening the app (too often ), but I am afraid that I am very upset today.

    I am not one of those players would complain all the time about the game system, I actually find those people very irritating. Today though, this is my turn.
    Thankfully, I manage to watch my team's games probably 90% of the time. Sometimes some results are a bit funny, it also happened that I lost a league that I thought I was bound to win. No matter, my direct opponents were always fairly good, and active.

    The last few days though, they've been extremely stupid (to stay polite). I haven't been able to watch my games, but I played against inactive players anyway so ultimately, it is no biggie. My players were trained though, and their shape was just fine.

    But this is what happened:
    FIRST, I draw against that guy. We both had 0% possession (he wasn't there, empty stadium, Ia ssume 0 moral and 0 training)

    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

    One of my players got injured though, but game events says he was automatically substituted BUT it does not appear here
    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

    My team, fully prepared, lose to a team whose quality is 30% lower than mine. Noone watched the game, although i had the home game bonus. I could say ok, no luck, but just looks at his tactics

    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

    What kind of joke is this? Losing 3-2 to that?
    By the way this is my team (a little tired, yes, they'll recover from the training session I just done)

    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

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    Post approved.

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    I know the problem, every season the same story:/
    When I do not watch the game with the weaker team (more than 20%), engine works like this that I will lose ( every time I have full bonuses).
    When I watch the game ( I am full prepared like counter tactic, bonuses, strategy) troll results happend (10-15% of results)- one shot per game for opponent and goal:/

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    when the engine want you to lose there is nothing you can do.those **** happen!

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    What's the point playing then?

    I understand it if the engine uses a certain logical... equation of some sort for games, such as a mix of team quality, form, vulnerability of tactics, game facts (due to aggressiveness, health), but this, this is just terrible coding. It's just "oh the guy has a life and misses the game, well eat that random score!". actually scratch that cause some people who are inactive, with 0 training and 0 moral still manage to win leagues.

    Like, I don't know, I don't imagine Chelsea losing against effing Colchester United, or a team with no players on the wing beating a team with actual real tactics.
    What kind of junk is that. Better not tell Mourinho about it, or the game will end up having Steve McClaren or Brendan Rodgers on its cover.

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    Top Eleven's engine is so far from being realistic. But as long as people pay that moneyyy Nordeus don't feel like changing anything. But hey, let's film another video with some manager saying it's better than FIFA!
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    Up for the broken game.
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