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Thread: I am done with Top Eleven after new update

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    Jan 2014
    Some excitment about how the first day is going to pass!?
    I predict insane bidding for several days
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    considering quitting, since nothing is improved for veterans ... nothing and pay to win has become to dominante

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    its -3 days to the end of this season and i seepeople spending 40Tokens for 90% playerrs with an ability.. like wtf
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    I feel the same way.

    It's so sad that a user spends more then 10 tokens for a 90% level player with no skill on it. Some do intentionaly so that others spend more tokens.
    It's abosolutly BS this new system, and save me the "yea man, wait for a few days and you will get the hang of it"...wont work it.

    I WANT AND I BELIEVE THAT OTHERS FEEL THE SAME WAY....the old system is better and is the right one for this game. BRING BACK the old bid system.

    Old bid with this new feature, (when a player loses the bid recives the tokens) is the correct one.
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    This guy here pushed the bid from 12T to 23T in few seconds,he didn't won the player,he was sold for 28T
    In 31 seasons i have never seen a player to be sold for such a big amount of tokens just few days before season end
    It's impossible for me to say that the new auctions system is good when this was implemented to force the managers to spend a lot more tokens for players.

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