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Thread: Downrated TE from 5* to 1*

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    Downrated TE from 5* to 1*

    As i already mentioned in a different thread that for quite a time, nordeus just doesn't want to listen what community members is asking for and instead they have just removed the USP of this game altogether by this "so-called update".They have removed
    1.Stats(which i still can't believe),
    2.Club history,
    3.Favourite button in auction which i used to set reminder.
    4.Can't buy from your buddies
    5.And many other...

    And, with this update they give us:
    1.Compete against newbies in auctions who don't know how to spend tokens pragmatically
    2.Academy players are turned useless(atleast earlier you used to get some price for them!)
    3.Our players just disappear into a limbo once they are sold and they don't even fetch their market price.
    4.And not to forget, the number of bugs and issues have increased manifold with this update.

    And, the general perception here in the community is that Nordeus doesn't give a S**T!!
    Well, i tell you one thing they will start taking you seriously once we starts to downrate the TE on App/Playstore. That is the
    only way you can make your voice heard.

    Kindly read this one para from jeeves(link given above) :

    "Quote Originally Posted by Jeeves
    My advise: set your goal beforehand. What player you wanna get, their skills, their roles, SAs, how much you'd be willing to spend in the worst case scenario. Then give the game a few minutes of your time and do some auction runs. You didn't win any player? Well you also didn't lose anything. Why not try at a different hour of the day? It's still viable to try and snipe players at the more irregular hours of the day actually. And I'm reading that some of you were actually able to acquire some good players still!"

    He's treating us like we don't know how this game works and trying to deflect the real concern of the players about which community members and even moderators have talked about in length.

    PS:I really didn't wanted to downrate TE from 5 to 1* but, i didn't had any other option.So i did it with my both accounts.In my opinion this is the only way by which we can show our dissent against the devs and can expect something good from them.

    TE devs needs to feel the heat,we need to voice our discontent in a result-oriented manner otherwise, nothing will change here.
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    I did the same and will probably quit a game I was enjoying since 2012.

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    We are but a small percentage of players here in the forum. 113,660 members, 1623 active members.
    How many registered users of top eleven are there in the world? What's the claim 150 million? 11 million monthly users? I don't know the numbers, but here in the forum we are very few. So it's no surprise that we count for little when there are upgrades to make money to be made. We should be honoured that top eleven actually bother with us at all.
    I don't know if I can be bothered with the rest of this season, let alone next.

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    Downrated TE from 5* to 1*

    I'm definitely not happy about the loss of a) stats and b) buying through negotiations as that's how I did all of my transfer dealings. Surely Nordeus have to correct those points if nothing else! But we will see.

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    @ Altiplano Indeed We are a small community.. but don't know what else we can do.