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Thread: How to beat The System?

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    How to beat The System?

    Hi Guys, I'm F2P player. I really enjoy T11 and during last 14 seasons I have earned 22 trophies. I did that by constantly watching adds/training my young players and buying new ones for 1-3 tokens. With the new TM - I do not see big changes, as I only need 1 or 2 new 18 years old 90%+ players. And with this new TM i did bought two 18 year old players, 93% and 94% quality, for 3 and 5 tokens - yes, I did spend all day checking transfer market every 5 minutes. ...and I still have 500 tokens that I earned from logging in daily and association (I have platinum association).

    I have question regarding opponents that you get to play against. How to influence game engine, so that it would give me weaker opponents for League, Cup, and CL? Last season was first one when I did not win anything, and it was because in CUP and CL i had opponents two levels higher than me and the League was full of teams that tanked season before, so they were all like 120%+

    Even with those crazy teams I had reached CL final, but lost. And I have finished in top4 in league. This season I see same situation, I have worked my ass off to have this amazing 105% team at begging of the season, but opponents are some random slackers, that tanked last season or are 1/2 levels higher than me. I feel it is not fair. So what do you guys do to get weaker opponents? I want to beat this f**king system...
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    Read this,but go at post #242,it's been updated from there

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