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Thread: What to do with a star getting older

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    What to do with a star getting older

    I have a big issue with a 25yo player LM (eldest in my team) who just doesnt stop to play great.
    I pushed him with like 150 greens last season to keep track with team q, rest is selfmade from him, he was able to go through 6 seasons with his fast developing and many mom's. Now he is at 92% while team avg about 98%. I actually planned to sell him after this season at negotiations for a very high price and even got a 18yo LM/AML a super fast trainer, but main LM goes on to play great. He already scored and made assists as always, great performing in crucial games. No need for CK ability as he does it great too. In average close to 1 goal/game and probably more assists.
    Most likely he will easy go over 100% this season as he still grows fast for his age (I use to start the season around 95%, so he wont be sooo far away next season). But not so fast that I would feed him with greens again I think (I just earn the adv and gifts).
    So here the questions. Does developing has a drop from 26yo? Is it still worth to keep him longer (I could go for 20 tokens sell with these great stats and superlow grey skills, later noone pays so much probably)? Is it worth to keep for more seasons even with 20%+ under team avg? How do you guys handle such stuff?
    Edit: Its not like he is 100% good performer, had some weak games too, especially in CL. In CL only 1/3 goals per game.
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    Quality doesn't matter, performance does. Top rated league player when he retired, 2nd leading goal scorer.What to do with a star getting older-screenshot_2017-05-27-12-28-08.jpg some players never quit.
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    Give him a chance if he performs well I had to sell two great players too this season that were in my team since 18yo. When they reach 25 that's when the growth slows down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeManiaque View Post
    Quality doesn't matter, performance does
    That would give another view on 'troll results', which seems to happen to some managers often (never had the experience), when they argue with quality. Just 'inconsistens performers'?

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    I had an AML win MVP recently at 50% at the age of 32. He had over 500 career goals.
    My AMR is 31 now and still my leading scorer since that AML has retired.

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    U cant keep good player forever, and then this game growth slows at 21 yrs old and u got to start feed him greens while practically in reality football players slow down around 28 yrs old.

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    For a sentimental like me I'll keep him till he retires. I'll have his shirt number retired too!

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