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Thread: Friendlies vs training

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    Friendlies vs training

    As it's one of those days during the season where we only have one competitive game I got to wondering if it's better to play a friendly or do the extra training.
    Normally I would play a friendly using my subs and reserves against a team from 2 or 3 levels below me. This will earn money, treatments and morale boosters (maybe) and a rest pack for making a substitution. All but the rest pack are irrelevant.
    Now I'm wondering if anyone has ever done any work into determining wether players gain more towards skill points through playing friendlies or through training? As far as I can tell the only way to measure gains made through playing matches would be to note every players attributes before and after a match. Anyone ever done this over a period of time?
    Anyone got any statistical evidence as to which is more productive?

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    If you are the host (organize) for friendly then your team (players) will gain same skill point as lvl 4 drill (world class) training but if your friend is host then 'no'.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ibangali View Post
    If you are the host (organize) for friendly then your team (players) will gain same skill point as lvl 4 drill (world class) training but if your friend is host then 'no'.
    So if I don't care for the money and packs I would be better to use my players condition doing extra training. That way I will at least have some control over which player attributes increase.
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    Summarizing - what's better after all?

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    Training: You have control over the skills that get improved

    Friendlies: You get some money and packs but you have no control over the skills.

    So whatever suits you best. At start where money and packs are scarce friendlies are better.
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    The average condition loss for a friendly with zonal marking and low press is 9.3% from my tests (no extra time)

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    the gaining of friendlies and training is about the same (condition loss/progress).

    The others are more managerial.
    For example in low levels the stadium is small and the tickets price is cheap so it's not worthy to make friendly games.
    When you pass lv10 and have some good facilities (a stadium of 150 K') , then you can get some good money from friendlies.
    Of course you must have some extra reds cause the injuries are real.

    If you 're making too much friendlies instead of training, your drills won't increase much (the 1-2-3 whistles & then the globe).
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    Thanks guys. Your work here is done!
    Level 25. Stadium done. 7 billion plus in the bank.
    Only positive for me to play a friendly is 1 rest pack.
    Much better to have some control over where skill points go to through training.