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Thread: Value of young players

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    Value of young players

    Hi everyone,

    I just started playing this game and I am in the second season (came 2nd in the first one).
    My aim for the first season was to get young players that I could train for maybe 3 or 4 seasons.

    But after the first season I noticed that all players went down in value. This surprised me a lot because
    why would young players (18 or 19) be worth less if the skill stays the same even though the are 1 year older?

    What would you advice? Because if training young players to earn money is that bad (some players lost
    400k in value because they are one year older) Would you advice to buy a team of players in late 20's? They have a much better
    skill/value ratio but they don't train quickly.

    What I also find weird is that the skill/value ratio changes in higher leagues. The players that I can buy for 1mil now (in second season) are
    1 star higher than the players that I could buy for 1 mil in first season (same age).


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    Hey, I think you need to read some basic stuff here on the forum, so many questions will be answered. There must be a "useful threads"- thread somewhere, cant find it right now (hopefully NIK helps out).
    Concerning value, different players grow different, not only based on age but there is also a hidden factor. The fastest trainers are normally those with the most value (see value/wage thread). From my experience young fast trainers still grow in value after a season: losing because of age is less than the more you gain from experience points.

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    Young players overall are the best bang for the buck. If I buy am 18 year old fast trainer he will last for 6-7 seasons. So that is 6 seasons that I won't have to buy a replacement. It saves me tokens and money.

    If you are short on tokens then sometimes it is better to get the old players for a few tokens.

    One of the things that I did at start was to sell the young fast trainers for big prices and get a few old ones back. Now with the new transfer market I am not sure if that is a solid tactic anymore though.
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    here is a guide about fast trainers and values of the players

    and values of the players #172

    Your money is not enough anyway to build a team with young expensive fast trainers.
    So the logic is to buy 4-5 and keep them in higher quality (7* at the end of the season) for 4-5 seasons.
    Prefer some key positions
    AML, AMR
    and build a DC-DMC-MC
    an all-around D (DL-DC-DR)
    and ST-AML-AMR

    You won't make money from developing and selling fast trainers.
    You 'll earn money from winning titles and because you won't need to spend a fortune (token and money) for those key players every season.

    * some other useful treads here
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