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Thread: A Guide for fast trainers

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    LV7 p32 - What's going on in lv 7 ?

    Ok, lets see some expensive players in level 7

    A Guide for fast trainers-expensive-players.jpg

    some more from my phone - with no extra info

    A Guide for fast trainers-expensive-players-phone.jpg

    This season I had many young players from previous season so I bought just one

    A Guide for fast trainers-gerson-12-23.jpg

    He was a classic nordgen fast trainer, I reached him to 7* but in the end I sold him because I had another good one.
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    Level 7 to Level 8 p33

    Now that I have finished level 7 and I went to 8, I ‘m gonna make a summary for a friend.

    In the game there are some fast trainers (nordgen).
    Meaning that in training, they can gain much more than other players.
    Those players, if the are 5*, they can reach easy the first red star and with a little more training, their 7* in that season.
    So they can raise the quality of the team and bring victories, specially if they perform good in the games.
    Those players must be young, 18-21 y.o. because after that age, their gain ability slowing down year by year.

    How can we find those players ? Well, there is an indicator, a factor that comes by VALUE/WAGE of the player. The bigger, the better.
    Let’s see some numbers from level to level.
    Those are the most expensive 5* players in those levels and they are the faster ones.
    For these players we are interesting for - because those can give our team the added value we want so that we can go for titles or good a course.

    (* I added on the next columns the VALUE & WAGE of scout list players of that season)

    lev 1: max q24 2,5-3,3 M WAGE 15-20K-------->Factor 3000/15=200.......400K-1,3M_____25-40K
    lev 2: max q29 3,5-4 M WAGE 30-50K------->Factor 4000/30=133...........800-2M ______60-80K
    lev3: max q34 5,5-6 M WAGE 80-100K-------->Factor 6000/80=75..........3M_________140K
    lev4: max q39 7.5-8 M WAGE 140-160K------->Factor 8000/140=57........3M-5M____160-240K
    lv 5 max q44 max 10-11M WAGE 220-260K------->Factor 11000/220=51..........6,5 M _____280-400K
    lv6 - max q49 max 12-15M WAGE 330-370K-------->Factor 15000/330=45..........5-9M_____450-560K
    lv7 - max q 54 max 17-19M WAGE 500-540K-------->Factor 19000/540=35.........11-12M_____700
    lv 8 - max q 59 - max 24-25M WAGE 700-820K------>Factor 24000/700=32........14-18M______1M
    lv 9 - max q 64 - max 31-32M WAGE 1 M-------->Factor 30M/1M =30................. 22M_______ 1,7M
    lv 10 - max q69 - max 38-39M WAGE 1,4 M-------->Factor 39M/1,4M=28 .............25M________2M
    lv 11 - max q74 - max 48-50M WAGE 1,9M--------->Factor 50M/1,9M=26.............34M________2,5M
    lv12 - max q79 - max 59-61M WAGE 2,5M--------->Factor 59M/2,5M=22.............40M________3M
    lv13 - max q84 - max 73-75M WAGE 3,2M--------->Factor 73M/3,2M=22
    lv 14- max q89 - max 83-86M WAGE 3,9M--------->Factor 83M/3,9M=21
    lv 15- max q94 - max 90-92M WAGE 4,9M--------->Factor 91M/4,9M=19
    lv 16- max q99 - max 104M WAGE 6M----------->Factor 104M/6M=17,5
    lv 17- max q104 - max 105M WAGE 7,7M--------->Factor 105M/7M=15
    lv 18- max q109 - max 106M WAGE 9M----------->Factor 106M/9M=12
    lv 19- max q114 - max 106M WAGE 11M
    lv 20- max q119 - max 107M WAGE 13M
    lv 21- max q124 - max 107M WAGE 15M
    lv 22- max q129 - max 108M WAGE 17M
    lv 23- max q134 - max 108-109 M WAGE 19M
    lv 24- max q139 - max 109M WAGE 24M
    lv 25- max q144 - max 110M WAGE 29M--------->Factor
    lv 26- max q149 - max 110M WAGE 32M--------->Factor
    lv 27- max q154 - max 110-111M WAGE 32M--------->Factor
    lv 28- max q159 - max 111-112 M WAGE 42M
    lv 29- max q164 - max 113M WAGE 43M--------->Factor
    lv 30- max q169 - max 113M WAGE 44M
    lv 31- max q174 - max 114M WAGE 44M--------->Factor
    lv 32- max q179 - max 115M WAGE 45M--------->Factor
    lv 33- max q184 - max 126M WAGE 47M
    lv 34- max q189 - max 127M WAGE 47M
    lv 35- max q194 - max 127M WAGE 47M

    lv 39- max q214 - max 127M WAGE 49M

    So, we can see that in low levels it’s easier to detect who are fast trainers.

    These are about the best training factor values in those levels.
    Players with or near those Values are fast trainers.
    5* players with similar factors and little lower are very good trainers.

    VALUE/WAGE it's only an indicator to recognize a fast trainer, not the reason which is a fast trainer.
    Also must be the original - the numbers that a player has when he 's coming in the game for first time,
    meaning that the player must be :
    - a nordgen (player from non human team –bot teams with names like Husky-Madly- Buggy-Strong).
    - an academy player (maybe the faster trainers –not the free- but only 3-4* players).
    - a player from a first time created team (your's it's only sure).

    Some other observations :
    A 5* player if having over +100 in 3 bars/practice match, is a fast trainer.

    There is a variation in the numbers of gaining from training to training for the same player.
    Sometimes +80, sometimes +130 (in 3 bars , practice ).

    Players not so expensive, but with values -20%, -30% down, are also good trainers but not so fast as the more expensive.
    As our player is gaining skill points and becoming a 6* or 7* players, his gaining ability is dropping gradually.
    If we ‘re giving skill points to a special ability or an extra position, his ability doesn’t drop yet.

    3* or 4* players are faster than 5* players but it’s more difficult to raise their level to 5-6-7* in a season. Needs power training, meaning extra green packs and more training every day.

    Nordgen for players from higher levels

    The train factor (Value/wage or the variety in the Values of the young players) doesn’t exist in high levels so the clues we can have to find a nordgen/fast trainer are
    - The time : usually near 04.00 – 06.00 GMT
    - 1st day of the season for sure. Also the days that there are new scout/list players it’s more common to find.
    - No stats, almost equal ability prices (Defense/Attack/M&P) and not a premium jersey
    - The name of the (bot) team, names like Buggy, Dusky / names from colors, adjective names like Strong, Ambitious.

    We cannot be sure about that, so the only thing to be sure is after we buy the player, to check the name of the previous team. If we see the message that there is no info available, then we know it was from a bot team.
    - Age between 18-19 with the highest Value price –the problem with that is that we don’t know if we bought a 1st class nordgen or a 2nd class, so we don’t know if he will gaining an avg of +100 to +120, or a +80 to +100. We ‘ll see it later in training.
    - Also I can add from my experience that nordgen quality is Q3/Q4 or Q8/Q9 while academy players (0 Token) have usually Q0/Q1/Q2 or Q5/Q6.
    * this is the more often, but not a rule.

    Don’t forget to refresh the page (or the button) because a nordgen can appear some other time.

    Added 2017
    Ok guys, let me explain few things.
    This guide and this summary was written in old T11 when in the market were only few nordgens (nordeus generated players).
    So this factor of value/price was helping not only to detect the nordgen fast trainers but players-fast trainers from other (human) teams too.
    For example 2* academy players from teams 3 levels above - which are not all fast trainers.
    Now were the market has only nordgens, you don't need to look for this factor, just try to find players close to the higher value of that level.
    This board is still accurate about this.
    Also it doesn't need to check specific hours. Now there are nordgens 24 hours a day. Just check the market often.

    When you find and buy a nordgen, give him a (random) set of drills with condition loss 15-18% while you start an extra position or sa.
    If he can get +1 in every set (give him 3-4 times this set, for testing), he is a fast trainer.

    High quality (recommended players of 118%) and age (players above 21 y.o.) , still are "negative" factors of gaining.
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    LV8 p34 - Investments

    Well, this season there was a big investment in new players.
    The first day of the season I bought many young players. All those are nordgens (new players from non human teams). – Later I checked their team but none was available for info. This is a characteristic of bot teams where nordgens are coming.
    As you can see I didn’t spend many T (it was 19 Tokens for all) but I gave a lot of money . I had money from selling some also ex-fast trainers of the team, the prizes of the titles I won and from some free agent I bought and sold.

    A Guide for fast trainers-new-nordgens-1.jpg

    A Guide for fast trainers-new-nordgens-2.jpg

    I gave new names on those players (Brazilian footballers as I use to do) and I intend to give some special abilities or positions. So now they are
    Galli DC > Djalma Santos gonna take sa “Header”
    Bettmer DC > (Leovegildo da Gamma) Junior gonna take sa “Header”
    Bougouonu Edoa DC/DR > Carlos Alberto gonna take sa “Defensive wall”
    Christensen GK > (Nelson da Silva) Dida gonna take sa “one-to-one stopper”
    Huzvicka AML/ML > (Aleixo de Assis) Eder , he had already sa Corner specialist and two positions so his sp are going only to raise quality.
    Kolar AML/AMS > (Heleno de) Freitas , I ‘m gonna add MC position to have him in a triple role. I don’t know about a special ability yet.
    Melgarejo MR > Zouninho (Paoulista) , , I ‘m gonna add amr position to have him as AMR/MR . I don’t know about a special ability yet.
    Sanmartin ST > (Antonio Filho) Careca he had already sa Free-Kick so his sp are going only to raise quality.

    Now let’s see how they ‘re doing in training and in some games ( friendly and official ).
    friendly game
    A Guide for fast trainers-1-13-after-f-g.jpg

    league game
    A Guide for fast trainers-1-13-after-l-g.jpg

    and some training in practice - 2 bars and 3 bars. They have the usual 5* fast trainers pattern.
    A Guide for fast trainers-results-1.jpg

    Also those are the contracts and the rates. Not bad for young beginners .
    A Guide for fast trainers-contracts-rates.jpg
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    Good strategy, but why spend SP on some useless SA?
    Ex top eleven player

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    I don't know if it's my personal feeling but so far, the only useful and with duration sa are those the defenders have.
    Defensive wall and Header. I use at least two def. with those abilities. All those past seasons most of my defenders had one or the other sa and I never had a failure in my defenders.
    The other one is one-to-one of the GK. I 'm not sure if it's working. The other option for a GK is penalty specialist which is useless.
    Maybe can give my GK a handicap against upper lv STs in the Cup.
    I intend to keep those players for the next 4 seasons, so it's not big deal to spend some sp for those abilities -
    Any way, if I give those sp earlier (instead of adding to skills) they get more slow, so I 'll need more greens.
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    one Question please.

    How can you CHECK other Teams info??? when a Player is on Transferlist i can´t click on the Team f him, i can only read the name of the selling team

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    You can't, unless you see them bidding on a player, or *after* you've bought the player. If the team selling has a fictitious name out of the dictionary most often he is a generated player. But with the advent of Take Over it is more tricky since some keep the fictitious name on their taken over team.
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    Expressed above is my own opinion. Your results may vary.
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    Yes, Cat is right.
    There is a friend of mine that took-over a lower level bot team with the name Dusky and she kept it.

    A Guide for fast trainers-sheyla-dusky.jpg

    If she gonna sell her free T academy player (2*), then a manager 3 levels down maybe is thinking that he is a 5* nordgen and spend many T for him. But unfortunately 2T academy players are medium to slow trainers.
    So, we must consider few more things except the name of the team and no stats.
    - One and very important is that the Value of the player must be near the prices of the post #172
    - The player must not wearing a premium jersey
    - Also a good hint is the hour because usually original nordgens are coming at 04.00-05.00 GMT.

    If we see this after we buy the player, then we know he is a nordgen

    A Guide for fast trainers-nordgen-ueharas-team-not-avail.jpg

    or else we 'll see info about my friend Sheyla's team
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    Level 9 p35 "Nordgen classes"
    Hi my friends, continuing this guide from level 9 now.
    In some of my previous posts, I mentioned about 1st or 2nd class nordgen. I 'll give you an example what I mean.
    This is from the board of the most expensive 5* nordgens from level 9
    "lv 9 - max q 64 - max 31-32m"
    In the beginning of my season 9 , I bought 2 ST nordgens.
    One is 1st class and the other is a 2nd class, meaning with a lower value, with a price of the previous lv higher prices.
    Let's see some training results in 3 bars-practice.

    A Guide for fast trainers-2-st-nordgens.jpg

    A Guide for fast trainers-2-st-training.jpg

    as we can see, the gaining has an analogy with the values of the players. The most expensive has a little more better numbers as his value.

    So, I kept the faster trainer and I sold the second one.
    I give him a new name but the problem is that he doesn't score
    Now I must "change" his program, maybe giving him a special ability (one-to-one) or to boost his attack (and little M&P) abilities.
    A Guide for fast trainers-2-st-careca-ii.jpg

    As I told before, a fast trainer doesn't mean a good performer, but we have some opportunity with the gaining skill points, to make some changes.
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    Level 9 p36 "Fake training factor"

    I begun this guide by examine the relation of the Value and the Wage of a player, as an indicator to detect who are the fast trainers.
    Two days ago I had a big surprise by watching in transfer market a player with a very high value but a really low wage.
    Ok, I said, I must have this player even if there is something wrong about it (I could see he was wearing a premium jersey, so he probably was an academy player).

    A Guide for fast trainers-bug-player-1.jpg

    A Guide for fast trainers-bug-training.jpg

    I bought him and start training. Here are some numbers. All are in 3 bars. The first one is on practice, the second on cardio, the third on stretch and the other two are also in practice. So, when the player reached the 6*, I saw that his gaining dropped a lot (while Careca, is the nordgen you can see in the previous post and even if he is above the 6*, he still gets high numbers).

    Yesterday I bought another player, 3* free agent this time, also with a very low wage. Hey what's going on ? A finance crisis ?

    A Guide for fast trainers-hatuka.jpg

    I also test him and the results was good but not for a very fast trainer (if we consider that he is 3*, not a 5*).

    A Guide for fast trainers-hatuka-training.jpg

    So, this wage is some kind of bug and cannot make a high training factor. They are just good trainers but not the faster ones.
    The good thing about that bug is that the team is saving some money.

    A Guide for fast trainers-contracts.jpg
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