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Thread: A Guide for fast trainers

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    Not what Buffs said at all. The ranges are big but its the averages that are compared over a period of sampling. The difference between 5* & 6* (unallocated) and 5* & 6* (allocated) are, for me, after 20+ x each training type on hard intensity, consistently producing a significant reduction.

    %age change from previous star = 78/78/83
    %age change from previous star = 79/77/76
    %age change from previous star = 69/80/77
    %age change from previous star = 74/75/74

    You might not detect it from 1 individual result to another but you will see it on the averages of decent sized samples.

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    Ok , if we could have his packs, we could be more sure about.

    A Guide for fast trainers-lot-packs.jpg

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    LV3 p10 d22 “Win … ODT”

    Ok, another observation – it’s not a conclusion because if you can’t experiment with something many times, you can’t be sure.

    As I said, the rate of the players in a game doesn’t affect their raise after that.
    Also the importance or difficulty of a game doesn’t affect the raise .

    Here you can see , first is the raise in my league (LV3) game, won 6-0 , against a Bot team and bellow the raise after a game of Cup semifinals against a LV5 team full of 6*-7*-8* players -I won 2-1
    The results are again in the same (roll dice) level.

    A Guide for fast trainers-12-9-2014-after-l-game.jpg

    A Guide for fast trainers-14-9-2014-after-semi.jpg

    TIAGO SILVA man of the match +100, 6* players round 50, good trainers round 100, HULK +108 !

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    LV3 p11 d22 “Go west young man”

    At 3 Sep, day10 of this season, I get my first (cause I’m LV3/League3) new youngsters.

    Lemonis GK 18 y.o. 2* - I let him go .
    Apostolou GK (again, wtf is it a GK academy I made ?) 18 y.o. 4*, 26Q, I sign a contract with him – 21T and after then I saw his VALUE 3,31M and WAGE 33K.
    In some posts I’ve read that others let free the good/expensive one and keep the cheap, the duck, to sell him (but I ‘m a guy of research) .

    Hmmm good Training Factor I thought (ok let’s adv. My thread about fast trainers).
    So I sold my other 2nd GK for 1’ M and start using the young.
    As you can see in about 11 days he gained almost 50 skill points which I allocate to him, so now has 29Q from 26Q and his value already become 4,04 M .
    His performance in games is good (if this has some meaning, specially for GK )

    A Guide for fast trainers-apostolou-profile-14-sep.jpg

    And he has the team record, +200 raise in a game (not man of the match).

    A Guide for fast trainers-apostolou-record.jpg

    With the sk. points he gets, next season will be also 4* and maybe I ‘ll think about a special ability.
    His value now is 4 M’ and if we say that in my level (I said this because the money dif. from LV to LV) the first, Bank loan is 1,5M > 15 Token, so 1T >100K $, he has about the value of 40T. So it was a good deal for me, yes I believe that from an academy you can have good players and fast trainers (ofc. Luck matters) and I ‘ll try it again.

    this post is also in another thread about young players .

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    LV3 p12 d26 “How to teach an old dog new tricks”

    “After 22 it can still be worth Training, especially in their happy place. I have had 26 y.o.s do as well as youngsters in their favorite type of training.” Cat Harrison’s post in page 2.
    (This post is dedicate to her for the interest she showing for newbies)
    Ok this guy with this strange name is the case we’re talking about.

    A Guide for fast trainers-mudadir-skills.jpg

    When I saw him in the market I was amazed by his TR Factor VALUE 1,47M /WAGE 4,1K =358 . I bought him Sep 4, for 1,42M 3rd round. I sold DAVID LUIZ from my squad ( in 1st post) for 1M and start recording. (Yes, another guinea pig for my lab).

    My first thought was, this guy must shoot his agent . Ok , this FACTOR isn’t the original. He must be started around with 600-800K, his x manager trained him a lot, add his skills and sell him with this added Value and the same Wage. To be precise, he sold him to another manager because the fast training must happened under 22 y.o. and all the contracts last 3 years. So I must be his 3rd manager. I had an empty pos. in my squad (I always do) so I signed with him with the same Wage.
    In the case I had 22 players and sold one to have an empty place to sign with Muhadir, he would demand a bigger wage , similar to his value.

    Another interesting thing is that his x manager put almost all his skills only in defense. He is a monsterous Def. I use him as DC/DR with success in all difficult games. His attack is very low but I didn’t notice a lot of comments like, you know, “he missed the shoot” or “ wrong pass”. He also scores from time to time.
    And the interesting thing is that he still gaining decent raise in training.

    Let’s see some records in the next post.

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    LV3 p12 d26 “How to teach an old dog new tricks” part2

    Here we have 4 players
    CAFU, 19 y.o. TR FACTOR VALUE 2,21M/WAGE 95K =23,26 , a “bucket” which I was thinking to sell but I changed my mind cause I had in front and I thought I could use him.
    MUHADHIR with characteristics above.
    HULK 21 y.o. with starting TR FACTOR VALUE 1,84M/WAGE 39K =47,8 a fast trainer who now has 6 stars (the results below are with HULK has 6*). I analyze it few posts above
    SILVA 18 y.o. VALUE 5,8/ WAGE87 =66,67 a nordgen player (I’ll make another post later).

    Here are some results

    A Guide for fast trainers-xl-hulk-mud-results.jpg

    As you can see MUHADHIR has very food results, ok you can’t say that he is fast trainer but it’s worthy to train him –at least much more than his younger mate CAFU.
    HULK with his 6 stars continue hitting good numbers. Some lower results are in the range of a “roll dice” . Too bad he is 21. Anyway I’ll see how he ‘ll react next season.
    TIAGO SILVA has also good numbers but not like HULK’S. I believe that in these levels it’s easier to find a fast trainer and much cheaper than a nordgen .

    "The names of the players are random and have nothing to do with real life"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siddharth Shanker Singh View Post
    I will need at least 4, 5 hours to go through this thread and understand it completely......
    And in THE end we dont know if it true training depend on many factors when you train 2 players to legend And you notice first THE fast trainer And then second season it is THE other all two About 21 years i think nordeus set training as they want so all thread of powertraining dont needed 😊

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    I 'm trying with tests, to give some answers / conclusions simple enough for a rookie

    - " it’s worthy to train" a player over 21
    - "with his 6 stars continue hitting good numbers"
    - "in these levels it’s easier to find a fast trainer and much cheaper than a nordgen" meaning LV 1-4

    it's a roll dice but still +4 water > +3 fire

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    Nice job, I added your tutorial here:
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    Learn how to play with us on and find out the best informations
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    LV3 p13 d26 “ oops … I hit wrong button”

    In the morning as I wake for my job, I ‘m taking a look at t11 in my Samsung s4 ( please SAMSUNG , be my sponsor ), special in transfers.
    Yesterday, I saw a young 18 y.o. player and instead of hitting “add to favourites ” to watch , I touch next button, “bid”. Playing the game in android , the buttons are very close
    This player was a nordgen, an expensive young player, good trainer and with good performance. Actually after then, I didn’t expect that I would win him with only 1 T. The veterans are hunting them like the Holy Grail (you can find more info in forum if you put the word in search button ).
    Ok , in low levels there are also good or better trainers than them as you can see in the previous post . I put him in some training but I decided to sell him because in 2 days he would become 19 y.o. and with a less star (and I wanted the money for his younger brother )

    A Guide for fast trainers-nordgen-uehara.jpg

    These guys are desirable so I sold him (even 2 days before the end of the season) with the same money. With experience you ‘ll know what players gonna sell with a good (max) price. Don’t get disappointed if your player wasn’t sold with the first try.

    A Guide for fast trainers-uehara-sold.jpg

    His previous team

    A Guide for fast trainers-nordgen-ueharas-team-not-avail.jpg

    His stats for few trainings.

    A Guide for fast trainers-uehara-train.jpg

    I don’t know if I did a mistake because in next season I’ll have negotiations and I don’t know a thing yet ( I ‘ll update ). Please inform …

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