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Thread: A Guide for fast trainers

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    I 'm trying to buy players near to 5* and not 6* (85%, not 95%)

    and not the first day

    Sometimes it works, sometimes not

    A Guide for fast trainers-new-amc.jpg

    A Guide for fast trainers-new-dc-dmc-30-t.jpg
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    p81 - Season 47 LV38

    Reading in another thread "why the fast trainers are useful ?"
    Well, ft is the key, the tool of a good manager to be a superb manager.
    I don't mean in coaching but a manager who keeps a high quality team and win many trophies during hos career.
    Yes, they are expensive but you don't need to bu a full team every season. 3-4 is enough, the next season another 3-4, so there is an "update".
    Those are the basic squad you build the team every season as they can level up from 6* to 7* during the season and repeating that the next one.
    This is the team I kept previous season.
    A Guide for fast trainers-team-d28-last.jpg

    So I 'm trying to find few more players to complete my basic squad and 3-4 new fast trainers to replace the 21-22 y.o. ft I have.

    The problem is that with the new auctions system, the market is really crazy.
    So let's see from where we can find our new stars.

    The higher value in LV38 is the same as LV37.
    127 M' is the higher.
    A Guide for fast trainers-market-lv38.jpg

    I bought this GK, Ivgi for 11 T (127 M')
    A Guide for fast trainers-market-1.jpg

    and this DL for 12 t (also 127 M').
    A Guide for fast trainers-new-dl-nordg.jpg

    I was impressed from this player who had also 127 M' even if he had low quality.
    But he had three good positions like a ft I have and must replace him.
    So I gave him a chance.
    A Guide for fast trainers-new-dc-dmc-4-stars-1t.jpg

    I also had an academy player.
    A ST the first day of the season maybe is a good deal as for this position there are many bids and it's hard to find good young and cheap STs.
    A Guide for fast trainers-academy-player-1.jpg

    Another player I bought was a AML-AMC-AMR from negotiations.
    I offered 6T, he asked for 10 T (meaning totally 10+10+10=30 tokens) and I gave them.
    Young, perfect positions and sa, 127 M' value.
    This player could cost 50 tokens in auctions and more money from that extra bidding.
    A Guide for fast trainers-nego-am-19-yo-6t.jpg

    so let's see how they 're doing in training
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    Giving extra sa to my ST junior and the low q defender
    Put them in training with my nego winger
    8 sets of 15% condition loss (as one green pack)
    A Guide for fast trainers-training-3.jpg

    Jones looks like 2nd class fast trainer.
    The other two are super fast.
    Of course they have much lower q which make them faster in training.

    Again for the extra positions , now with my GK and DL.
    8 sets of 15% condition loss but with defensive drills this time

    A Guide for fast trainers-training-4-.jpg

    A Guide for fast trainers-training-4-b.jpg

    with the same value of 127 M', I can see that Ivgi the GK is a fast trainer, Copcu isn't so fast (2nd class).
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    Guys, i'm beginner and i can't understand one thing- why should I buy players with high value? It should be better to buy cheaper ones, isn't it? If i have 2 players in the same age and same skills- this cheaper should be better, so why is it different?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rocket222 View Post
    Guys, i'm beginner and i can't understand one thing- why should I buy players with high value? It should be better to buy cheaper ones, isn't it? If i have 2 players in the same age and same skills- this cheaper should be better, so why is it different?
    The higher the Value, the faster they gain XP. Use this table (it's for 18 y/o players only):

    And you also need to read this:
    The guide is outdated, but still rocks.
    It wasn't our day.

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    Let's sticky this guide, seems have visits

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    OK. So how about such situation: I buy an 18 yo player, train him and in the next season he is 19, has the same salary but value is much bigger- that means his ratio is bigger and train faster?

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    Quote Originally Posted by khris View Post
    Let's sticky this guide, seems have visits
    We have a lot of sticky threads. I can't say for everyone, but I don't even check them, they are dead. Insects in amber. Stuffed animals.
    This thread is quite popular. On the top all the time anyway, and not going to drown. Now it's less noticeable, it took me 15 seconds to find it again, lol xD
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    p82 - New Summary

    This guide was started in old T11 (2014) when in the market were only few nordgens (nordeus generated players). You can read many times this word in the first posts of this guide.
    Now all the players are nordgens (created from the game) and available 24 h per day but they are not all fast trainers.
    The general rule is that players with the higher value from every level, are the fast trainers we are looking for.
    Ofc we ‘re talking about the 5* players
    Here is the table of max values for every LV from 1 -39.

    lev 1: max q24 2,5-3,3 M WAGE 15-20K-------
    lev 2: max q29 3,5-4 M WAGE 30-50K-----
    lev3: max q34 5,5-6 M WAGE 80-100K----
    lev4: max q39 7.5-8 M WAGE 140-160K--
    lv 5 max q44 max 10-11M WAGE 220-260K----
    lv6 - max q49 max 12-15M WAGE 330-370K----
    lv7 - max q 54 max 17-19M WAGE 500-540K---
    lv 8 - max q 59 - max 24-25M WAGE 700-820K-
    lv 9 - max q 64 - max 31-32M WAGE 1 M----
    lv 10 - max q69 - max 38-39M WAGE 1,4 M----
    lv 11 - max q74 - max 48-50M WAGE 1,9M-----
    lv12 - max q79 - max 59-61M WAGE 2,5M-----
    lv13 - max q84 - max 73-75M WAGE 3,2M-----
    lv 14- max q89 - max 83-86M WAGE 3,9M-----
    lv 15- max q94 - max 90-92M WAGE 4,9M---- for some reason, you can find some bigger values in that LV! #625
    lv 16- max q99 - max 104M WAGE 6M------
    lv 17- max q104 - max 105M WAGE 7,7M---
    lv 18- max q109 - max 106M WAGE 9M----
    lv 19- max q114 - max 106M WAGE 11M
    lv 20- max q119 - max 107M WAGE 13M
    lv 21- max q124 - max 107M WAGE 15M
    lv 22- max q129 - max 108M WAGE 17M
    lv 23- max q134 - max 108-109 M WAGE 19M
    lv 24- max q139 - max 109M WAGE 24M
    lv 25- max q144 - max 110M WAGE 29M------
    lv 26- max q149 - max 110M WAGE 32M----
    lv 27- max q154 - max 110-111M WAGE 32M-----
    lv 28- max q159 - max 111-112 M WAGE 42M
    lv 29- max q164 - max 112M WAGE 43M----
    lv 30- max q169 - max 113M WAGE 44M
    lv 31- max q174 - max 114M WAGE 44M----
    lv 32- max q179 - max 115M WAGE 45M---
    lv 33- max q184 - max 115M WAGE 47M
    lv 34- max q189 - max 115-116 M WAGE 47M
    lv 35- max q194 - max 126M WAGE 47M
    lv 36- max q199 - max 126M WAGE 47M
    lv 37- max q204 - max 127M WAGE 48M
    lv 38- max q209 - max 127M WAGE 48M #572
    lv 39- max q214 - max 127M WAGE 49M
    lv40 -max q214 - max 127M WAGE 49 #624
    lv41 - max q224 - max 127M WAGE 50M
    lv42 - max q229 - max 127-8M WAGE 50M #726-#730
    lv43 - max q234 - max 128M WAGE 50M #727
    lv44 - max q239 - max 128M WAGE 50. M
    lv45 - max q244 - max 128.600 WAGE 50. M #745
    lv46 - max q249 - max 128M WAGE 50. M #752
    lv47 - max q254 - max 128.700 WAGE 51 p#775-6
    lv48 - max q259 - max 128.800 WAGE 51
    lv49 - max q264 - max 128.800 WAGE 51 p#797
    lv50 - max q269 - max 128.800 WAGE 51.7 p#818
    lv51 - max q274 - max 128.800 WAGE 51.7 p#840
    lv52 - max q279 - max 128
    lv53 - max q284 - max 129 > sell value 129,000
    lv54 - max q289 - max 129 > sell value 129,100
    lv55 - max q294 - max 129
    lv56 - max q299 - max 129
    lv57 - max q304 - max 129
    lv58 - max q309
    lv67 - max q - max 130

    When you ‘ll find and buy a young player , give him a set of drills with condition loss 15-18% while you start an extra position or sa.
    If he can get +1 in every set (give him 3-4 times this set, for testing), he is a fast trainer.

    Another way is to put a set of drills with 15-18% condition loss and observe how many % skills a player can earn. If it’s +4 skills, it’s good (4 skills are one old skill point for those who are familiar with the old version or reading the old posts with the s.p. – cones).

    You must make 5 of those sets and observe the average. That’s because there is the “hidden” old blue bar which is the progress of 0-100 to the old sp or the 4 skills. Some times it’s in the beginning and you can earn 2 skills, sometimes it’s near the end and you can earn +6 skills.
    Also there is a small random factor. Some times your player can loose little more condition and gain more skills and some times, less condition and fewer skills.

    There are two categories of ft we want to buy.
    I call them 1st and 2nd class.
    The 1st class is like the example above, earning 4 skills in a set of drills with 15-18% condition loss.
    The 2nd class needs about a +20% of greens for the same progress.
    There are also slower classes but I don’t recommend to keep or invest greens to slower players even if they are young.

    A 5* 1st class fast trainer, needs about 50-55 greens to earn an extra position or sa.
    Also about 75-80 to gain one star, from lets's say 90% > 110%, about 120 greens for the next star (120%>140%) and more for the next one.
    A 4* fast trainer , needs about 38-40 greens to earn an extra position or sa.

    Let’s see some categories of players.

    Market players
    Till the LV17-19 it’s more easy to spot the players with the highest values (who are possible 1st class fast trainers).
    After that, it’s more difficult because you can see in the market players with only two values (no matter the age or the stars).
    For example when we see a young player with value 105 and another one with value 106, the second player usually is faster that the first.
    The 106 M’ player can be 1st class but some times 2nd class – but not slow trainer.
    The 105 M’ player, can be 2nd class or slower.
    So only after buying them and test them, we can be sure.

    Of course, we are talking about 5* players. The 4* players can be faster but they ‘re gonna slow down if they ‘ll become 5*-6* players.
    3* players are also very fast but it’s not worthy to buy them as they need a lot of greens.

    Academy players

    The 0T academy players (2*) are medium -slow trainers. You can keep them for dropping your team quality avg.
    The 10-14 tokens players are usually fast trainers.
    Less than 10 tokens are usually slower or 2nd class (max) trainers.
    As they have less than 80% q, they are faster at that point so it’s worthy to give them an extra position or special ability before they ‘ll become 6*.

    Recommended players

    The high tokens young players are usually fast trainers but as they are 7*, they don’t gain much. So better try to get 19 y.o. and leave them with your daily normal training.
    Next season, when they ‘ll loose a star, they ‘ll be faster so it’s worthy to invest some extra greens to make them again 7*.

    Scout list players
    The scouts are older players, above 22 y.o. so slower because of this.
    The 18-21 y.o. have the same gaining, after that it’s 22-24 y.o. with about 25-30% less and then 25-27 y.o. also less.

    As they are almost 7*, this makes them slow trainers and not worthy to give them extra greens.
    Of course during the season, a 22 y.o. scout will gain few more progress than a 27 y.o. scout.

    Negotiation players
    That’s a tough case as you cannot be sure, specially in higher levels with almost same values.
    Usually there are two cases.
    The manager who wants to sell his 0T academy player or players they bought as 3*- 4* from the market.
    We cannot see details of the club which selling a player in nego list except the name of it.
    Sometimes we can have a clue, for example if we see an Ukrainian player and the name of the team is Dynamo Kiev, possibly he is an academy player.
    If you are not familiar with names of football clubs, google that.
    For example Wildcats Futsal is an Australian club so if you see an Australian player , probably he is his 0 tokens academy player and probably not a fast trainer.
    But still he can be his 10 tokens academy player (so a fast trainer) which the club selling for few token and money.
    If we can have some clue from the higher values of the board, ok.
    Or else, have to test them and see how fast they are after buying.

    Some times, a manager can find a player form auctions, 3* or 4* near to _9 (59 or 79%) so this player is getting in negotiations list very quickly.
    Some times, a player needs more training to be at _9 quality for nego.
    Better don't spend your greens for that extra training because the nego offers you 'll get, won't pay it back.
    A player after some training, increasing his value (not his wage - this comes with the new contract) so his new value isn't the original anymore.

    Usually the value of a 5* fast trainer when we get him and make him 7*, becomes the highest value of the 5* fast trainers of our next level.

    Some generals

    I ‘ve seen some comments/questions like
    Ok, so what about having young fast trainers (who are so expensive, specially in lower levels)? Are they better players ?
    No, a 5* young fast trainer isn’t performing better than an old player.

    But the fast trainers can easily gain quality, being 7* players and a bunch of them can make a powerful team.
    Also in the fast trainers we can give some extra positions so we can use them during the game to switch positions and formation without making a sub.
    An extra special ability can give few more chances for successful actions during the game (defensive wall and aerial defender or a F-K/ C-K for attack).

    A fast trainer can start the season as 6* and finish as 7* without spending a fortune for that.
    The gaining from playing the games, the regular daily training for the bonus (or when he has full condition) plus a power training with about 30 greens is enough.
    We ‘re doing the same next season, repeating that for 4-5 seasons for one player (if we bought him 18 y.o.)

    Fast trainers have an "internal" gaining ability. Value or wage doesn't affect that.
    Only the age and the quality (the higher, the slower).
    But be careful to keep in your mind that testing and development is about balance skills.
    So check also this about training

    Also the fast trainers is the basic squad if we want to follow this guide and have many successful seasons with a lot of trophies.

    The requirements for a successful career by developing our players, is to be very active, to log in every day doing the daily maintenance of the team (training for the 4 x10% bonus, giving a training when players have full condition, exchanging the 4 gifts with our friends and the daily box from the sponsor , fulfill the daily jersey/TV contracts which are the best).

    Building steadily our facilities, watching our games (don’t forget to make a sub so to get the extra green), have and support some friends and of course watching about 30 daily vids for free greens (I spend 2 of the vids for the bonus training).

    Doing all above, we can find a successful associations group playing in Gold 2-3 or platinum which can give us extra tokens and boosters from the tournaments.
    A team which has finished the stadium (about LV16) and doing all above, can have about 100 tokens and 900 greens for free, every season which is enough to go for many titles, finals, semi-finals or trebles.

    If you don’t want or cannot play so lively the game, fast trainers won’t help you much so don’t bother for that.

    Tips for new players

    As this guide is highly recommended for new players and members of the forum, here are some tips and strategy for them.

    There are two markets
    One is for LV1 and some times LV2 managers.
    They have the first 80 tokens for free and don't mind to spend 20 of them for a mediocre player.
    Also they don't know yet that when they promote to next lv, their players gonna loose one star.
    (every time when you promote - unless you stay in the same lv - finishing 10-14 positions).

    The young fast trainers cost a lot for LV1, about 3 M' so you don't have the money for them unless you exchange some buying tokens for money.
    What you must do, is to buy whatever cheap early 5* with 1-2 (not 3 I mean) positions and without special ability because they attract many bidders.
    Build a descent low 5* team and try to promote to next lv in positions 1-4 so to play in CH.L. next season and get some extra good money.
    If you see that you cannot make it, stay at position 10 and repeat the season.

    Also If you are sort of tokens and packs you can stay in the same level, saving for the future.
    Your young fast trainers will be a lot stronger as they won’t loose a star (that’s called tanking) but also they ‘ll loose one of the four “fast” years (18-21) and also loose a season without playing in Champions League .

    Meanwhile, build first the training ground so to have your first academy players (after 28 days).

    Sign both, the tokens player (because you don't give money for him) and the 0 T too.

    Also the recommended players are free of money so think about it.

    For scouts, you must pay also the money.

    Next season, with some extra money you can get 2-3 and train them hard with the greens you can farm from daily vids and saved so far.
    LV3 - LV4, repeat that so you 'll have 8-9 young fast trainers with high quality.
    So you don’t need to buy every season 11 expensive young ft.
    1st season you have 3, next 3 more, next 3 more, next 3 more but the first 3 are now 21 y.o. so you can sell them at the end of the season.

    There can be some slow and normal q players in your 1st squad, like the GK, a defender, a MC who are not key players.

    Priority is to have 2-3 high q good players in positions like ML-AML, ST + AM.

    We can keep attackers and defenders in a good quality, also after the 4 first years. From age 22-24, a placer can gain as a younger one if we go training his low % grey skills.

    The rest are also here in the forum.
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