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Thread: Two questions about skills

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    Two questions about skills

    First: is there any method to "address" the skill assigned to a player?

    Talking about defence skills, I see some players that have, e.g., takling - marking - positioning 38, heading 41 and handling just 33.
    Do you think it is possible to do it or is just a coincidence?

    Second: do you think the defense - attack - physical skills means something or is just the total value of a player which counts?
    e.g., my DR-DMR has been messed up by the previous manager and his skills are: 41-20-36. Despite this he has 3 goals and 3 assists in 8 matches.

    on the other hand, my super 6* golie with 43 attack ability and one2one SA has often missed a goal by shooting on the grandstands

    That's all
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    on your second point, I personally have focused from the start on physicals because all the players at the low levels aren't great, so to have guys who are faster, stronger and can keep running for much more of the game is far more effective in my eyes than having technically skilled players. I often find in league games its 0-0 at 30 mins and 5-0 at FT and its not a coincidence.

    regarding your first point, i dont think you can choose at all, the game just assigns the points and i think it tries to keep them all reasonably rounded within that category, so i dont think you can have 20 handling and 40 tackling for a defender, as nice as that'd be.