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Thread: Silly game...

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    Silly game...

    What do you all think, is it normal, formation like this one, to concede zero goals from counter-attacks?

    Silly game...-1mmmmm.jpg
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    This game is definitely going downhill. A lot of ludicrous things are happening in game.
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    Can you give us the stats Steppenwolf? It looks like a fun game with a word coming into mind = TROLL!!! Counter attacks should demolish this formation.
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    It is not normal because nothing really counts towards the final results. The game suggests to play with at least 3 players in defense, I played with 2W and nothing happened. I played with 5 defenders (DL, 3DC, DR) and 5 DM (DML, 3DMC, DMR) during last season's challenge and scored a whole ****ing lot of goals like I was playing an attacking formation.
    Do whatever you want disregarding the game suggestions and you would be fine. Unless you put too many players out of role you wouldn't even lose so much possession. If you think counter attack would work against 1 defender, you are wrong, it does nothing actually. If you think offside trap would work when you play in attack, you are wrong, it doesn't make any difference. Most of those "tactics" are just random numbers being thrown in a mixer, if something else is compensating they don't matter.
    In fact, any type of tactics may or may not work with any other kind of formation.

    I tested a few things last season while I concentrated only on winning the season challenge for 15T and almost ended up winning the league with 6 active managers. I decided to gift a few results to them by playing illegal formation and trying to get to the super league, otherwise I would have smashed them by playing with 0 players on the other side of the pitch and putting my goalkeeper as free kick and penalty kick taker.

    The more time passes and the more ridiculous this game gets
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    I dont trust activating counterattack ill think its still broken

    activating counterattack and the opp makes them is my experience

    ill make now counter-attacks without activating it (probally the opp has activate it then)

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    That's why I feel so damn sorry for removing the 20% ball possession penalty for those with illegal formations.

    In this case is not about counter formation at all, it's in general about the idea of not conceding a goal with this strange formation with only one defender. Without being rude to the developers it's freaky silly and these strange results are actually making you to think what's the point of playing and what does actually matter in this game.

    Few seasons ago I played again a guy who had 2 defenders and got outside the Cup after I wasn't able to score a goal against him in both games, yet in League I smashed him with 8+ goals in both games. He had the same formation, same players so nothing changed from him or me.

    We did had plenty of good / bad improvements, updates, etc but nothing recently good if we speaking about the game engine. Those random results are increasing day by day.
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    Either total game engine is broken or fake. I'm playing against this team since last season, last season also posted somewhere in forum about this illegal formation, game should do big penalty whoever using illegal formation, I don't think game engine currently doing any kind of penalty against them. Following screenshots this season's 3 different game in same league :

    Silly game...-silly-fixed-troll.jpg

    Silly game...-silly-fixed.jpg

    Silly game...-silly-fixed-1.jpg

    Silly game...-silly-fixed-troll-1.jpg
    Silly game...-silly-fixed-troll-2.jpg

    Manager actively playing the game, this is second season I'm playing against this team, so far my understanding he not care about rank, he just promoting and supporting his asso. At the same time either testing the game engine or abusing or showing finger. If you need more screenshot or game result then I'll happy to load more.
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    I can fight against a real player but can't fight against game engine (troll).
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    Now question comes in mind, is game engine making more powerful to those illegal formation

    Here is a screenshot one of the team playing with me in same league, win 6 out of 9 games, one draw and 2 lost; team is 86% q, rank 3 now but using illegal formation in every game, he lost against me but still how a illegal formation get too power on game time and beating other legal formation.

    If no answer [by dev] then we should count it as "YES"

    Silly game...-illegal-formation.jpg
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    I can fight against a real player but can't fight against game engine (troll).
    Trolling ruin the game fun and all efforts.
    We play for fun not frustration.