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Thread: treatments

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    what else do i use the treatments for
    i have 159 of them
    i know to help my injured, but anything i have missed

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    yes, you can give some to the referee on your match time [under the table ] to make some fair [undertable unfair] decision

    joking, you are right, only injured.
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    i have over 400 treatments

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    Don't start complaining about having too many red packs; Nordeus might make some tweaks concerning injuries and make them more common. Long time back, injuries were a pain; there were so many of them, be it the short term ones or the long terms ones, and matters were worst when there was not the limit of only 1 injury possible per match. There were even cases where there were 3 or more injuries in the same match. For those that had little to no offers for packs, things were really hard and discouraging.

    159 red packs is far from being a lot anyway. This amount can go to near zero in less than 2-3 weeks if you have an injury-hit season.

    If you want an idea about how injuries can be annoying, have a look at this: . That was when the limit of only 1 injury per match was there; just think how worst it could have been without this limit.
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    bribe time coming up
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