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I did a google search and found this thread.
I was wondering how many tokens players were spending per season.
In another thread earlier today, someone mentioned he spends a max of 3 tokens per season to bring some fresh faces.
Ok, i guess that is possible once your team is stable. Thats still 1 token per player, is that still possible now?

Anyway i spend an average of anywhere between 30 to 40 tokens per season.
Managed to do it this season as well without negotiations. How about you?
Maybe 20 Token on average. Depends on how many players I need to replace. I try to aim for 70-80% 18-19 yo players and train them up, so usually I don't spend more than 5 Token on a single player.
But therefor I don't have the best bench as I only focus training on the starting 11 players.