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Thread: Tons of Offers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KingJones View Post
    Oh. Thanks Cloverfield. I was just about to ask that. Just got a better offer at 2M and 5 tokens.
    One question though, why do people want to buy at x9%???? Just curious.
    Because at their level the player will be 1% away from becoming a six star player.

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    From my exerience the chance to get an offer for 59-79-99% players is like 100 times bigger than not with these %. Like it was said only then they get into negotiations lists, just check the lists that you can see - probably all have 99%. Rarely I saw 98 or 97. Your friends or others who can see your team are able to make offers for any players in your squad (except over 99%, from their view)

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