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Thread: Out of Cup Troll Match

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    well....buster and me we on same association.........from some time now we have seen were the game is going........we have our questions and our doubts and seems theres no answer to soon as we do the right questions the doors close right away........and i had been doing question in diferent languages english, em português e en castellano, o español (que a mi me da lo mismo )................................................. ...........
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    Threads like these really give me some peace of mind. I can assure you I am the champion of getting thrown away from Round 32 of cup round. Ridiculous most of the times. Manager level 16 and never won Cup. Life goes on..haha
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    Quote Originally Posted by CJ91 View Post
    My 'C' team got a fantastic troll result in the cup. Quality of 75% v 33%, dominated both matches, more shots, more possession. Lost 2-1 and drew 1-1. Oh well...

    *edit: his team name might give a clue to that he's used to trolling people.
    Damn, its kinda impossible to get over such a result to be honest. That's the thing, the game shouldn't allow this kind of results, otherwise I don't see the point of investing to be honest.

    @Buster Keaton, I had something similar seasons ago but the "fun" part is that my opponent had 100% in both games, despite he had -2 stars comparing with me. I guess is kinda impossible to find answers to these things unless we do not know more about how the game works.
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    Ah victims of the Shot Efficiency God. I still have no clue how to please him or what I have to offer him to get these kinds of results

    @CJ: Proper troll result. Check the ratings if you can. I just got knocked out of the cup despite being better in both games based on the ratings (on average 0,5 higher).
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