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Thread: No forwards and win 3-0

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    No forwards and win 3-0

    CL QF's opponent pretty much even on quality and my only striker is suspended. 3-1 up from first leg so, knowing there isn't as much penalty for illegal formation, I played hard defensive with this line up

    DC DC DC
    MC MC

    Opponent was trying everything, 3 subs, changing formations etc, and I still come away with a 3-0 win, almost felt embarrassed at how much I trolled him.

    Anyone else had any luck with no forwards?
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    I might try no forwards as mine are a waste of space anyway. They never score whereas thankfully my AMC and ML are legends.

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    To be honest I guess it makes sense cause for many of us the strikers are useless and you pointed very good there when you said: "knowing there isn't as much penalty for illegal formation" but then you wonder, how cool this actually and is not, especially for the opponent.

    Thanks to "no more illegal formation" now we can see on daily basis, teams with no defenders at all who win important games or steal vital points.

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    well its not illegal to play with no striker Nordeus had an achievement for that which I won when I was play
    in low levels and is not a surprize for me if you won a game with out striker I done that a lot of times
    No forwards and win 3-0-screenshot_110.jpg
    No forwards and win 3-0-screenshot_111.jpg
    No forwards and win 3-0-screenshot_112.jpg
    No forwards and win 3-0-screenshot_109.jpg

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    This is what I used during last season challenge for most goal points per role, which of course I ended up winning.

    No forwards and win 3-0-screenshot-383-.jpg
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    of course illegal formation may not apply, but the oppos formation may affect.

    So for example an oppo with no dmc and 4 defenders (so a bit of gap from the middle) I would be tempted to draw back my st and make him AMC with arrow up.

    But what I would like the most is to Nordeus tune their code and start giving the strikers the credits they desrerve.
    They should be key players and not a squad fill-up
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    Maybe playing through the middle, would help improve our strikers performances. Sometimes I'm playing like this and I can say that it works really for me.

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