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Thread: The nationality of the player ... is it important ?

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    The nationality of the player ... is it important ?

    As I remember when I was in lower leagues , I used to find on the auction many players from countries that have a low ranking according to FIFA monthly report such as India , Ethiopia, Bangladesh ...

    Now I am in level 29 which is approximately in the middle of each server's levels. I barely see players from such countries ...

    According to my observation and experience, I started to learn that the nationality is a factor that plays a role in the overall game result ( otherwise why is it displayed) ?

    What you should also keep in my mind is : Not all football players of the top 20 countries in real soccer life are legends or effective...

    Example : Almost every teen in Brazil ( which has a population of around 175 million ) plays soccer ...but only a few 5 maybe % only become professionals
    and out of the 5 % only 0.5 % become known and 0.1 become famous and fewer become legends

    How is that related to TOP 11 according to my opinion ?

    When you see a player ... check his nationality first .... and keep an eye of the monthly FIFA rankings ...
    If you chose a German player for example ... it is not necessary that he would perform amazingly ... because Germany is home to around 80 million
    and not every German player is effective as Franz Bekenbauer or Lothar Matheus or Jurgen Klinsmann were ....

    So if you buy an Argentinian AMR or striker don't expect them to perform as Messi or Batistuta or Huguyen do

    Here we talk about what is called " Hidden" abilities ...

    Time , ratings of the player, the way you see he performs on 2D will tell you if he is good or not ...
    usually 10 games are more than enough to give you an idea about his hidden abilities...

    But don't forget that your way of training, the formation,, his moral , your other players ( chemistry and combination ) , your tactics, all are factors that help each player in your team to UNLOCK his hidden abilities ....

    You will definitely learn how to decode the secrets of this game slowly and steadily as you improve and go in higher and higher leagues...

    If you want success and fame , you must spend time to analyze , decode and decipher TOP 11 program cause everything is mathematically ( has a value based on numbers ) based

    Good luck

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    Nationality on T11 is purely cosmetic. If I don't like a name or nationality I usually change it anyway and it makes no difference to that player's skills or abilities.

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    ( otherwise why is it displayed)

    Is displayed just because as the weight, age, etc... because that's a football game and is nice to have some info but believe me when I say that there are enough factors deciding the simulation, to add too the nationality or how tall is a player. This don't matter.

    With the last market system that depended more of the real teams you saw players that many times came from the own academies of the teams that were managed, thats why we rarely see players from San Marino, but there are many Turks, German players, etc

    Right now there's more variety because the players are created from a bot and added in waves to the market every few minutes.

    Too we have to take into account that there are players with good internal proramming, and with bad, so, how more players you see from a nationality, more easy to find good players, because some good player between 20 or 30 should be there, and if you just can catch 1 from Slovenia, rarely wil be one good player. Too because between these players that were sold mostly were these that after test them did not perform well....

    So, believe me when we say that is a pure myth. too the own engine will calibrate your team to have just few good players, so, you can't buy 11 players that scored 30 goals each the last season and see them doing the same. In this the team you manage will be unique.

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    It is not important. My best players came from South Korea, Azerbaijan, Thailand, Indonesia and so on.
    Consider also that you can change it manually, if it influenced player's quality it would be a very bad idea.
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    Have you ever found SCOUT players on top Eleven from San Marino or Zimbabwe or East timor with a special ability or skill ?
    no but you can find a Brazilian or German or Argentinian one with special skills and multiple positions...

    Changing the "mother" nationality to another nationality for one token proves in a negative way that the programmers want you
    to take this factor into consideration ...

    The nationality has a percentage - maybe small percentage - from the overall percentage that is calculated in addition to the other factors
    before the engine decides who will win the match ... :-)

    To make a simple conclusion if my viewpoint , if you had to chose between two players with almost same stats, chose the one that has a
    nationality better than the other according to the monthly or at least annually FIFA ranking...

    I understand that it's difficult to convince everybody because to prove it requires a lot of data and a group of managers willing to study it
    and share information about it.

    Managers with old experience and those who are willing to spend tokens just to TRY many players with same position and stats from different
    nationality will understand what I am saying...

    That's my opinion and it's up to you to disregard the nationality as a factor taken by the engine when deciding the result of the matches

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    So if North Korea wins the world cup next year I know were I have to buy. Not bad theory

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    Well..i am not expecting to read some good stuff from a guy who is calling himself "one of the best" lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by khris View Post
    So if North Korea wins the world cup next year I know were I have to buy. Not bad theory

    I rarely see players from North Korea on the auction ... lol

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    He was scottish (his surname was similar in english that i translated to hungarian) and i sniped him from old transfermarket for 1 token or something

    The nationality of the player ... is it important ?-lev28tu33age.jpg

    AND he is my best player SO FAR!

    i think Scotland and Hungary are not sitting in good positions @ fifa rankings ... ooh and i had/have players from "best national" team(s) but they are far behind him

    ohh and i had an arabic GK and he was absolutely awesome even he porformed well @ 1 (YES ONE!) star...


    (hint: just cosmetic)
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    I wanted only to discuss the factor of nationality of players not the number of games and seasons they play,
    because the more you keep a player the more he becomes effective and we know it by observation so you don't have to show off ...

    if you really want to prove the opposite , i dare you to record BY VIDEO not screen shot how you win an awesome player with at least 2 positions and a special ability who hold a weak nationality in soccer according to FIFA ( from rank 50 to 190 )

    btw Scottish ( also English Irish Welsh and Serbians) players are considered good because Nordeus has two branches in UK and Serbia


    TOP 11 displays some awesome Israeli players in scout and auction list although israel is not strong in soccer at all ..
    The number of good israeli players offered by top 11 is over normal... more than Saudis and Egyptians which are better at soccer ...
    Anyhow this nationality can be labeled as an exception ...

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