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Thread: Suggestion for using accumulated money in the game.

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    Lightbulb Suggestion for using accumulated money in the game.

    Everyone should know that when we get to more advanced levels our money accumulates a lot where we do not have where to spend it since our constructions are already at the maximum level and the hiring of players is not so expensive!

    Thinking about it, I have some ideas on how to use this money. One of these ideas and the creation of a store where we can buy equipment to equip our players where we will have an improvement in their attributes.

    I've created some explanatory pictures to show you how this store would work.

    Suggestion for using accumulated money in the game.-arte.jpg

    When purchasing an equipment it would have a limited time as well as its value which varies according to the level of the manager. The values of the attributes are only illustrative and it would be up to Nordeus to assign those values.

    The idea here is to use our money that is not very useful at higher levels, other ideas could be the decoration of our stadium and among other things.

    What do you think?

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    Nice idea
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    I think it's a bad idea.After all we play a manager game not fifa or pro.On the other hand no shoe in the world gives attributes.
    We want the game to be as realistic as possible.
    It would be more realistic to buy steroids than shoes, or to make a bet in the next match,or even buy out the next league game.

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    Yeah, why not making a "mafia" version of the game including ref corruption and oppo striker bribing. Or even better, a plot organized by the best teams and the pseudo-independant continental association to prevent others from investing in football, buying their best players and building up a competitive team aiming at winning the CL (if you see any relation with a real-life situation, you are a damn paranoid !).
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    I like it

    It is not a football simulation, it is a football arcade game now, it would be really nice..

    although if Nordeus develops this one it will certainly be a token shop, and not a money based shop
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    money exchange for tokens/boosters would be fine...

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    There are lots of us that would trade 1B for 50 packs/25T in a heartbeat.
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    Waste of time ...