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Initially, as far as I know, SAs give an extra star to some skills and unlock specific characteristics / movements / manners to play of a player then:

we dont know where is better to train a SA ( I nver tested it and Ive never seen someone with a clear thesis here)
-if is better train it in a non contributive player (that maybe perform bad, on the scenario and in rating terms)
-if is better train it in a bad player that have good rating
-is better maybe train it in these "normal and contributive players" that maybe help one match yes one nai
-is better train it for our key players, the best well rated
-to the usual MoMs that dont have its potential developed maybe?¿

so here still a empty place where noone has investigated but if its true that in some sense 1 star is added to some skills in exchange of the 50 cones, since theres no limit in the skills and we see atributes at 3000% really is a waste of time to train a SA, same as the new positions as really dont affect so much if you play for example 1-2 players out position.... so for now I will still thinking that the best one can do is just find for a well programmed player, with or without SA.
"Show me what you know to to, and I will believe in you". That simple.
Kris, my point is that we almost don't know nothing for sure, so..... At this point, more than 5 years I think is a little bit disappointed I guess...