I started a project which consists in record some threads of the forum to keep them alive forever in some place.

So if the net explodes, the game do it's evolution and still there in 2050 in it's version 40.1 (or nope lol) the idea is that we can remember some things we did here, the activity and "what was to eleven and it's community".

Started recording the entire threads of the:
-memes section -entire
-kashiwa washi team showcase -entire
-table of counters - 1st thread and addition
-bal op 't dak team showcase - entire

Talking in private I received links of curious threads and historic teams so I will do it time to time.

Videos are recorded in a quick way because some need some GB's of space if I want to do it "with a enough time to see well all, but not enough to read well all" so you should pause it to read all carefully or enjoy each capture, but that what I can do by my side.

Suggestions of threads for the archive accepted. I will try to gather some info here to clarify my mind lol

Channel link've been always in my super signature.