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Thread: Suspect of multi-account

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    Suspect of multi-account

    Hello everyone,

    I started to play this game about two months ago so I didn't figure out entirely how somethings work here.
    Ok, let me write about the reason of this post. There's a user in my league that I started to see a strange pattern in his matches.
    I couldn't accompany all of his matches but those that I could see there was always the same 4 users with the same surname (what indicates a family) to support him. It doesn't matter in what time the match starts.

    They always enter in his matches one by one with an interval of almost one minute between the enter of each user to support his team. Something similar with a time spent to make login in some device. And for last, all these 5 teams play with the same formation.
    All these facts make me think that only one user is controlling these teams. I've already sent a message to a support section inside the game by the app and one person asked me by screenshots but I couldn't send by there because always gives an error. I notified him about this but he didn't answer after that.

    Now here comes my questions: is there another way to contact the support of this game? Do they really care to check this kind of thing? Or am I just wasting my time insisting with this subject?


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    Hm a physical person can have more than one teams.
    Supporting one team with the others is legit.

    There could be some things that could do which would exploit the game.
    But for the info you are sharing there is nothing that is illegal.
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    Even i have 3 accounts and sometimes i use secondary accounts to give support to my main team, it's neither illegal nor unethical as far as i know.
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    It's not illegal to have multi-accounts in T11.
    Actually most of us have 2 or more teams.

    What you can report is if a manager has 2-3-4 teams in the same league and set them normal against other teams but abnormal vs his main team.
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    I currently have 2 active teams and I use them to support each other from time to time. I even made reference to my second team when I complained to top eleven support just yesterday regarding an issue so I see nothing wrong here
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    nothing is wrong to have many teams, but you will become so f tired to manage all of them, even i was gave up on my 2nd team