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Thread: How quality of players is leveled for Associations

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    How quality of players is leveled for Associations

    Maybe this sth that you have noticed as well, but I just noticed that.

    I have in my asso, some players available for loan, coming from different level managers.
    I tap in all of them, and just for a glimpse, their quality is shown as 198% (145) before turning to their actual Level quality.

    I found this really weird.
    It seems that instead of just taking the actual level quality of each player/team, there are some more calculations in balancing the level.

    Of course this is a conspiracy theory, and there is no proof on that. It could be just a visual minor bug.

    But if it is true, couldn't be the reason we see so many crazy results in association games?
    Could be the balancing quality algorithm not working as expected or not always working, so we get these ridiculous results?

    After all the "mutant effect" revealed, that there is a bug in the % skills calculation, which miscalculates and makes your player invincible!

    Long shot.. bu you never know
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    This is not only in associations.
    I have seen this in auctions, scouts and reco players too.
    I guess this is probably due to a laggy network connection trying to retrieve the actual value from the database.