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Thread: Ticket Price Ceiling

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    Ticket Price Ceiling

    The last few seasons I can't seem to get my ticket prices (much) above 200 for Cup despite them consistently increasing four or five per season until now. I'm level 44 so must have started around level 40. Hoping some of our senior forum members might be able to clarify if there seems to be an upper limit for ticket prices? League and Champions League haven't been rising as much as normal either I think, but definitely more noticeable for Cup which really seem to have plateaued.

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    i was going to ask the same question,my level is 8 and max ticket price i can choose is 36 but no matter how developed my stadium is or how good my team results are, i can't set ticket price over 7-8 if i want my stadium full for the 5% bonus.
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    I'm having issues with cash in general not just tickets. I'm in level 18 and last season when I won the cup the competition income was just 12m which is not even up to the win bonus of 13.5m that I gave my players. my second team in level 11 also won the cup and got over 15m as competition income and the maximum win bonus was just a paltry sum of 3.5m.

    The income I get from winning competitions stopped increasing as they should around level 12. I got 100m for winning the league in level 11 and just 129m for level 17