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Thread: Wow... what utter BS can this game throw at you..

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    Can i see yours and his formation?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pangihutan Manik View Post
    Can i see yours and his formation?
    He went with this:

    I went with 3w-1dmc-3w-2amc-1 attacking through the middle mixed passing.

    Probably should have expected bs (from this game) and went with defensive short passing.

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    Hi all, I just quit the game ..... honestly after playing 4 seasons .... I don't understand what is happening..... having the best team in the group ... always condition 90% and as much as possible superb morale and I am loosing every single game in CL even that all the opponents are 10% or more. The last one I was winning 2-0 and suddenly in 5 mins they scored 3 goals.
    It's just doesn't make sense , I am watching the games and even then the opponent has more possession.. can someone explain to me what happened?

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    Not about having the best team and win all, best wont last! Again is how you manage your team.
    Condition/morale watching not watching dont really mean a thing in this game. There is lot more you need to learn sorry but that facts.

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