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Thread: Explanations

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    Im pretty new even if my team isnt. I stopped playing quite some time ago and my team got itself to level 9. Ive since been promoted in 2nd to level 10 and won the champions league and league last season.

    Now im level 11 and had saved 50 Tokens up to buy players thjs season to stay competitive

    My questions are

    1. What benefits do you get from playing assosiations and how do you find an active one? I set me.own up but noone joined

    2. How do players who post picz on here seem to have 100s of tokens and packs?

    3. How do negotiations work? How do you start receiving token offers for players?

    Probably simple questions but im struggling to figure them out currently

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    1. Tokens. You can search the association or you can go to association talk thread.

    2. By buying tokens, get the ads offers, from association, tokens contract.

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