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Thread: Good Strikers

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    Good Strikers

    I think it's pretty well known around these parts that strikers are lesser players than wingers, nowadays, so if anyone has a striker performing at an elite level, please share.

    Today, mine had a hat trick against 4th in league (opponent is in Gold 1 assoc 6* assoc; 1223 points). None of the goals were off set pieces. He is my FK taker, but is scoring from the run of play often as well.

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    Mine is doing great too.
    He is the penalty and F-K (right side) specialist.
    I was thinking to remove him from kicker but I 'm curious to see if he can make 100 goals
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    Yep. Since september 2015 the dinamic changed... as ST have yellow penalty as AML/R I switch them there, with prodigious and ultracosmic results.

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    Mines too. Both 27 years old and still top scorers in their leagues

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    I started using my amr with dribbler ability as my striker last season bcus I bought a new amr with free kick ability. Since then his performance didn't drop he scored about 60 goals last season and he already has about 40 this season and I didn't give him free kick duty.

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    My strikers combined for 6 goals, 4 and 2 respectively today in CL. Best performance for either of them all season.
    I nearly threw in the towel after the 0-2 first leg. I've been missing a lot of matches again
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