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Thread: Season 99 - Are you ready?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparta Page View Post
    Daily maintenance is in progress ... Does anyone know how long it usually take for every new season day?
    it's in 1h - 2h

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    It could be now

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    Not ready. Still maintenance...

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    Even though I placed 5th in my league last season, I forgot that winning the CL automatically puts you back in it.
    Most of the competition is level 33 teams but all my group is level 32.

    Need a new DC/DMC but I'm happy with the rest of the squad.

    Missed out on promotion to Gold 1 by 30 points.

    Cup draw looks favourable.

    We go again.

    Sold 6 squad players for 22T. Decent business so far.
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    Nivea winners; Season 30,41
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    because of i got treble last season, now i'm grouped together with higher level than me in CUP and CL.

    and most of their quality around 115~120%

    i am thinking to get 3rd in CL group and continue in SL, hahah

    and i don't know how strong my league opponent will be.

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    Season 45, lv36 for me.
    Last season was great, won another treble (the 14th) and go for another one.
    My rookie, Van Baasten was the star (73 of 284 goals)

    Season 99 - Are you ready?-season-d28.jpg
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    Not ready. Cause my players can not renew contract. Aarrrggghhhhh......

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    And Hakurei United is Reborn

    Now the goal is still making as much progress as possible using the 4-4-2 formation

    But this time I kinda using 4-4-1-1 with One Striker In front and One Behind

    Available Rosters before match 1 :

    Season 99 - Are you ready?-img_0918.jpgSeason 99 - Are you ready?-img_0919.jpg
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    A 5-1 victory gives us a good start to the season and all but confirms our place in the next round

    The best of the best
    The Best of the Best

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    How are you supposed to progress in this game without buying tokens ?

    Last season I spent 11 dollars for those earn token Clash of Clan games, to get 190. I bought 2 players, and with their help I won the league and the cup. Now, when they all lost a star and I have 50 tokens. How do you suppose to buy players when every good player on the Auction page is being sold for 30+ tokens. The only way I see this possible is waiting for the season to begin so that everyone calms the **** down trying to get good players.... people are actually mad.

    You can buy +2 star player than the one you bid for, for the same amount of tokens you bid on the Auction page

    Or there's something I'm missing, I don't know
    **** at this game, yet I like it...

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