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Thread: Season 99 - Are you ready?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ibangali View Post
    Finally pass the but 442 ND doesn't work
    Here, I fixed your message =]

    I'm kidding, of course, but there's a grain of joke in every joke.
    It wasn't our day.

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    Season 99 - Are you ready?-screenshot_20171128-160114.jpg

    Ahh... I love the trolls

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    My Youngster-Keeper (bought 2 season ago, cause main keeper is getting old) made 16 clean sheets in a row (1.550min)... the "lost" goal was at 87' against an unwatched team...
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    Mr. Peter has returned, I thought you quit after your unfortunate treble bid last season.
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    Comeback! Vs 10% superior opposition and title rival, or well, maybe just a CL rival [ I'm in 2nd place and table topper is 7 points ahead. Had a poor start to the season, drawing 5 of my opening 9 games. It's nonetheless the most competitive league I've been in in a while as only 7 points separate 2nd and 6th.] The most exciting game I've played in a long time.

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    Wow, my team can't score against 30% weaker team; unfortunately can't attend the match that early in the morning

    Season 99 - Are you ready?-match-preview-cl.jpg
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    Why does Myanmar flag and langue not include in the game? I think developers should consider about this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HoofDaddy View Post
    Mr. Peter has returned, I thought you quit after your unfortunate treble bid last season.
    I lost interest sort of.... I have minimal time for the game now... I just train my boys and hope for the best... Support if I can too. Hopefully I win the league.... My champions league is tough... I am the least rated in my seed buy I have won 3matches now if I win the 4th I am in the semis where I play another giant.... Lol

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    Well as always, the best revenge is a good comeback. After my worst season start with 3 losses, 4 ties and a win my luck has changed and I got a clean sheet of 8 wins and a tie but I am still only in 4th place. If I can win this season that would be some sweet revenge.

    Mt second team is also in an exciting league. Although I lost 3 games in the second half I am still in second place only 3 points behind the number 1. Two other teams trailing with 3 points.

    I have to admit this is quite a good league.
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