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Thread: Season 99 - Are you ready?

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    I 'm playing in a low quality league the last 5 seasons and my avg is about 7-0.
    Sometimes I can win with a 9-0 but if not watch my game, it can give a victory of 2-0 vs a team with 1/3 quality of mine (110% - 35%)
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    League: Well, pulled off a 5-0 win against 2nd in the league, to tighten up the race. With the 1st place losing to 7th as well, we've jumped from 4th to 2nd place today, jumping over the former 1st and 2nd place teams. It's all really close from 1st to 6th at this point. League has 4 platinum managers, a pair of Gold 1 managers and another that is usually in Gold 1, but slipped back to Gold 2 this season, so there is some competition.

    CL group was cruise control. Cup quarter-finals 2nd leg is later today, but i'm feeling to lazy to attend it.

    Associations: I'm not sure what nordeus did but the draw was screwy this weekend. We benefited, and I know of four other tournaments with a strange draw as well. Basically, they've taken a high 6* association and drawn them with three low 6* associations this weekend, and it isn't just the tournament I'm in. We won 27-9, and now sit at 1249 points, so need 76 more to stay up.
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    Finally pass the but don't understand why 442 ND doesn't work against 3w-4-1-2, 4-1-4-1 works

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    Quote Originally Posted by khris View Post
    Are you tanking?
    Nope. And I have never done it before

    But it turns out that my ML Is being occupied by an MC. It's the cause of my loss
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    Quote Originally Posted by CM-16 View Post
    Nope. And I have never done it before

    But it turns out that my ML Is being occupied by an MC. It's the cause of my loss
    I dont think so lol

    I said this about tanking cause is posible if one tank intentionally that the average of winning vs lower teams is reduced due internal reasons... but this match looks really curious xDD the game went so, so against you lol

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    This season..not able to attend most matches although, i do train them.

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    Sitting 9th in League with 4 clubs within 3 points below me.
    Out of cup on away goals.
    Hoping for a CL repeat.

    Couldn't resist this recommended player.
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    Midseason player stats:
    Season 99 - Are you ready?-s38midsquad1.jpg
    Season 99 - Are you ready?-s38midsquad2.jpg
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    So far this season went quite alright.

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    Season 99 - Are you ready?-screenshot_20171127-140058.jpg

    Slowly but sure... Hoping nothing went wrong for further matches
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    My second team had a strange game yesterday in the league against a friend of mine. I couldn't watch the game but the result baffled me.

    Me vs him
    Possession 52 vs 48
    Shots 21 vs 17
    On target 11 vs 8
    Saves 1 vs 5
    Average 6.0 vs 8.0 (OUCH!!!!)

    Logical end score of this game was 0-5. As I said my teams have a hard time scoring in the leagues. 21 shots with 11 on target and not 1 goal, grmblllll.... Biggest defeats in 20 seasons or so in the league. Oh well, it happens.
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