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    Players dissappearing, money too!!!

    Ok, so I saw one thread here with something like this.

    I've just bought an AMR/MR with some S.A for like 11T with 58.2M.

    Idk how when I went in 'Formations' to put him in the first eleven BAM! no player, no money.

    I had like 384M before the buy, and now i have 100M HOOOW?!?!?!?! The money and T didn't dissappear after the buy, but as I said when I went in my formation i had only 100M.

    I'm tired of this, so many bugs in this new update, I want my CASH back, and the player, you can remove 11T and the 58.2M from my account and give me that player tho haha.

    Hope @Saucy or @Jeeves will do smth, thank you.

    SS of the transaction.
    Players dissappearing, money too!!!-problem-1.jpg

    The formation without him, and only 100M
    Players dissappearing, money too!!!-problem-.jpg
    Players dissappearing, money too!!!-problem-3.jpg

    One more proof of the only 100M.
    Players dissappearing, money too!!!-problem2.jpg
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    Admins? ...

    @Saucy @Jeeve

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    In game support is where you need to be with this.

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    Player should be below the reserve, if not, contact the support.

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    In your threads, administrating things up!
    Got your message cirkat07. Support is flooded atm so I'll take a look. Check your PM box.