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Thread: The problem with transfers

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    Angry The problem with transfers

    It is impossible for me to buy good players (in the auction market) without spending 10-15+ tokens.
    (well it doesn't mean I should able to get every player under 10 tokens, but I shouldn't spend 30 tokens on one player)

    Second thing is that negotiations never work. Low to no token bids on our players shouldn't be a thing.

    The simple fix is reverting back to an old system where the player has a fixed ability.
    Negotiations should be worked on so it could work. (set price of minimum bid and get rid of token minimum or at least have some control over it)

    Take this into account and do something about it.

    I'm sick and tired of this game adding all these unpolished features to try to cover up this mess.
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    Well, I'm not a big fan of the new auction system but this is what the majority of the people wanted so that's what we got. Sometimes you need to go with the mass of people as it can be good for the game.

    People didn't wanted to lose their tokens on the playesr, well now they don't but on another side they must pay more so win-win?
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    I don't see much advantage in buying players in the first week and bidding so high. If you've planned your team you'll add when demand and the prices are lower, latter in the league. I have very good 24-year olds and cover for them with players around 19-years old, who will probably take over the position once the older player reaches 26/27.

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    Do you mean 99% players? Yes, it's hard. But you can buy the 80-90% players and then train them.