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Thread: Bug infested games

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    Bug infested games

    I wonder if nord@$$ actually downgrading their manpower by subbing their development and technical team to cheap manpower like india or china recently.

    Before recent update there was minimal problem as we play smooth and relax without headache with non sensical updates.

    Server also suspected been downgraded into cheap countries outside europe as there is now frequently problem accessing daily ads to claim free packs.

    I dont think today nord@$$ staff / response teams were hired from top notch european countries like before. Previously if we have problems and complaining there were fixed in certain time frame. But today there are almost zero communication between nord@$$ tech team and the players.

    U can check too many almost everyday complaint here in forum and in apps store but never been reply. As a dedicated players whose already spent zillion of valuable times, monies we need assurance that this game is progress well and our gameplay satisfying fullfill.

    Actually im looking another decent football managers game that can rival TE. Unfortunately there was'nt. So sadly we just have to contend with all the bullship and craps nord@$$ sold to us now.

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    OMG, another whiner creating more garbage...
    It wasn't our day.