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    Do something about those sh***y ad, please.

    There are some ads which will take so much time to finish. Those ads are just 21 sec but takes almost 10 mins to finish. It's so annoying to watch those ads. It always buffer. No matter how good your Internet Connection is it will always take so much time to load. There are already less ads in the game right now but after this ad this game is become more frustrating.

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    I had for some days this Uber ad which last 1:30 m (90 seconds) to finish to get only 1 rests ( should be three rests regarding the length )...
    80 seconds showing people driving cartoons cars and the last 10 seconds gives you the message which is better to share cars to decrease congestion ...

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    Guys, when these videos fire up again, please take some screenshots and add them to this thread. I'll escalate them and our people will look for who is it that's providing them. This way we can ask said providers to check their side of things and see what's going on. Who know's might be a streaming issue on their end. :/

    P.S. Also take a screenshot when the video has ended and you can see the close/X button on screen.
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    You get ads? Lucky you....