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Thread: Quality/skills

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    Have this player AMC/R/L who is 121% but his attack Avg is 180% and P&M Avg is 103% as high speed, fitness and creative, defence is 80%.. most of the dark skills are low numbers and lit up skills very high, but have another AMC who is 130% his attack, defence and P&M are all avg around 135% his dark skills are same as lit up skills all around the same %...would you say for a AMC player are you best going by the attack skills avg only? even if there very low on dark skills? Or player who as a better All round avg including dark skills

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    Highlighted (white) skills are key abilities, and they are more important that non-key abilities.
    Average doesn't mean much by itself, because P&M contains both key and non-key skills.
    Therefore, if you have two players of the same quality, the one who has key abilities higher and non-key abilities lower is better. Well, he should be theoretically, but that's not guaranteed: many of us believe that there is a hidden parameter that determines players performance along with Quality, but this is another story.
    Note that if a player has several positions, he has key skills from all of them. But on every position he will use mostly (only?) those skills that are highlighted for this position. For example, if you have MC/AMC and you use him on AMC position, he doesn't need defence skills although they are highlighted.
    You also should know that key and non-key abilities have different pace of training. More info here:

    Player's Value is important too, because it gives you a glimpse of another hidden parameter (Talent) that determines how fast the player gets XP. But again this is different, the third one, story.
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    Quality and talent are most important.
    You can buy a scout or a recommended 118% , AML-AMC with about same quality in three categories and he could be your top player.

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    i just guessing, if you play high pressing with hard tackling, your AMC might doing the tackling too...

    so, doing tackling with low tackling skill will cost you booking... haha i just guessing by the logic,

    to avoid this, i always make sure the dark ability of all my young players reach 100%,

    except for Defenders of dark shooting/finishing or crossing ability for DC. i just ignore this dark ability

    ofcourse the key ability should far more than 100%
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