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Thread: Continued Issues with Match Stats....

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    Continued Issues with Match Stats....

    We as managers have just a few things that we can rely on to help determine if we're doing well.

    1.The assistant manager who have proven to be wrong more times than right is really just a distraction.
    2. The animations which are slightly more informative, but can also throw you off if you have a opposing manager who is constantly changing commands and formation.
    3. The match stats. These in my opinion are the most informative.

    With that said, i just played a Asso match and didn't receive my match stats until 75mins into the match. Too late to really do anything. This has been a huge issue for me since everything switched over to the current build. This happens quite a bit. Please consider fine tuning important things like these in your next update.


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    well, you must visit the forum more often

    the trick is to leave your live game, go to another sector and come back - to see the fresh stats.

    but be careful not to do that after switching your orders because you must stay 4-5 min. games or else the game not gonna follow that

    ... yeah, I know
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    And you shouldn't do that during animation.
    I wonder, is it really that hard to add proper synchronization? This problem hasn't been fixed since I started to play 1.5 years ago, and I don't know when it did appear for the first time. I guess it was always here.
    Nordeus are really talanted and have a vision. For them it is better to fix (read: remove) things that weren't broken, and make us use crutches for this crippled game...
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    The match stats also extremely erratic for about first 30 minutes of a match. I'll be playing against a team w/o the manager present, and leave then reenter match around 15th minute and opponent has 90% passes completed. Then at end of game, opponent only complete 80% of passes.
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