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    Hello everyone, I'm an italian player and team coach of W.C. Reietti, a little team of level 13. I'm not a player who reads the forum often, I apologize for this, but today I'm here because today in my league (level 13), two matches have been cheated by the teams themselves. Now I'll explain better.

    Today we played the eleventh match in league, everyone I suppose. Now, my league is very balanced, we all want to win (I suppose) and there are a lot of teams just a few points from each other. But someone today wanted to play dirty.


    This result is fake. Because the home team, FC Jakarta, three days ago played with me and his formation was this


    Today, he played with this formation


    And his opponent, Claw Eagle, the leaders of the league, with this formation


    I've already shown you how it's over...

    Really? Seriously, why?
    Why do we have to play dirty, cheat? What's the taste?

    I play top eleven, steadily,since seven months, every day, and I love this game (I win, lose, like everyone), but I never seen such a thing. What's the taste of doing this, just to say that you have an extra trophy on the bulletin board? Poor boy...

    This thing is really childish and it saddens me, because in this way we lose the pleasure of playing. All of us.
    Oh, the Average quality about F.C. Jakarta is (80.2) 80.8%, and the average quality about Claw Eagle is (84.5) 98.2%. So, both are not weak, indeed, they have good teams, but they play inappropriately.

    Now, I don't care who had this idea, with this topic I just want to highlight an irregularity, an horrible irregularity.

    So, now I will make a second comment to show you the other fake match.

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    approved thread**

    sorry for the issue.

    I just can say, if this manager tanked only vs your rivals -or one of them- but didn't tank with you, contact the support, add the captures and ask for a reward and then if this is the case should exist some more actions but that's not in our hands (hands of the forumers I mean).

    Sorry and cheers!

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    obviously a tanker playing only in cup who might forget to switch back to his tanking formation.

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