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Thread: Cup of Nightmares ?

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    Cup of Nightmares ?

    Hi, everyone - iam the manager of the "Magic Diamonds"

    my question is "whats up with the cup-draws" ?

    In the last few season ive faced allways clubs from higher divisions except this season, but unfortunaly .... you can see it for yourself on the pictures below....
    that looks impossibble from begining of the cup. Last Seasons i had allready 2-3 teams with 150%-182% in my leagues and now in cup too ? (ive 118%)

    My actually Cup-Situation

    in details....

    What the Hell there are doing in my cup ? why there dont have to play +1 +2 + 3 higher divisions ? (all teams in League lvl 5)
    Its very Unmotivating to play cup games theese days....

    Michelle - Magic Diamonds :
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    It just proved t11 algoritm went retard lol...

    Its like pairing nott forest to fight fc bayern totally unfair and nonsense...

    Good luck to u. Its almost u have no chances to get into the final lol... that is why it is important to place the weakest team after end season so when the next season comes the retard t11 algorithm will put u into average team and will play mostly within the same level as your team...

    not outregeous like now pairing u with monsterous teams which diminished your chance to win
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