Also with all due respect to Nik , I wouldnt encourage anyone to start their career by tanking seasons , its really something that is , although allowed , quite nasty about this game.
I don't encourage anyone to do tanking for enforcement. I 'm against this idea (at least if someone is capable to do the daily farming of 25 greens).
I approve only if some one want to make a break (or don't know, some other reason).
there are two kind of players
those who want to play a good game and try to do their best
and those who want to master the game, to take it to the limits, to raise it to 101%, to fill their trophy room with cups.

In the 2nd case, I suggest a new manager to find and read some very useful thread of this forum, to stay in this (1st season) same level (the big disadvantage of tanking is that you loose the CL of next season but not in this case), to understand better how the game works, to gather few extra greens, buy few low quality young fast trainers without spending much and from the next season start your race.