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    Missing youth players


    I should have gotten youth players from my academy, but I can't find them anywhere. Academy remaining days for new players have been reseted but I can't find my previous youth players. This is my first season.
    Where can I find them?

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    Hey mumia and welcome to the forum!

    Out of curiosity, did you start working on your Youth Academy? Beginning development on your ground resets the timer for youth players. You can find your young players in a few places. Firstly, check your Assistant report on the Home menu - You will have a dropdown that will allow you to sign both, one, or neither of them.

    You can also check the Squad screen. They are added to the bottom of the list.

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    well @mumia I think you don't understand how it works (or I didn't understand you )
    First, you start building the facility, for example the Target Shot.
    This takes 3 days but you can speed up, using some extra tokens.
    When your facility is ready, then starts to produce the 2 first academy players.
    The first academy facility needs 28 days to produce those players.
    The finished stadium, gives them in 12 days.
    You can't speed up this procedure.

    So, my first question is how did you expect your youngsters at day 22 of the season, in your 1st season ?

    Now, during this period of 28 days if you go and upgrade the facility, the procedure of 28- 24 -20 ... days, resets and you 're loosing your players.
    Same thing happening if you upgrade you first aid and training facilities and the reds and greens they produce.
    So did you go for an upgrade ?

    * please check this too , old but useful
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