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Thread: Can someone explain?

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    Keep a eye on opps team ratings, if there good ratings are in the middle put a extra player in middle like DMC and two MC’s And attack down the wings in normal all mixed, if ratings are good on wings you need to use DR/L and ML/R and go down middle... maybe I like to think to much😂..but it does work for me I change my players and tactics good few times in a game Assit manager are useless to listen to, do all this even if losing or winning
    Dont forget the devs have coding embedded in the game for teams to come back push to score...The mentality of not wanting to lose ,it only works randomly

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    🙏 thanks a million

    yeah, I though so, AM must be working for them 😕

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Lecht View Post
    My last match today the bonus didn't work well.
    I guess Nikolgiorgos is right.
    the results are fixed and all we see is just an illusion.
    I said sometimes the results are fixed and in this case because El D is a great coach and one of my mentors when I started playing and been in this forum.

    Also this case is weird as nothing changed except maybe if he made a sub.
    A sub can trigger a bad roll dice if your team has a bad day.
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